Eamonn Holmes: What health issues does she was unable to attend her mum’s funeral

Hola entertainment buffs, there came some bad news for Eamonn Holmes recently. Eamonn’s mother, Josie, passed away recently. Eamonn expressed his grief but couldn’t attend her last services in Belfast. What was the reason behind it? How did he express his grief for his mother’s demise? To know more about all of this, read the article to learn more about the story.

Why did Eamonn Holmes skip his mother’s funeral?

As we know, Eamonn Holmes is undergoing some major treatment. The newscaster’s health has turned for the worst this month after dealing with severe discomfort for several months.

He had back surgery not long ago and spoke remotely at the burial of his mother, Josephine, on November 22. The anchor of GB News continued by saying his mother had given him her “blessing and understanding” for not attending her burial.

Why did Eamonn Did not attended his mother's Funeral

What did Eamonn Holmes mention about his mother and her funeral?

He said, “Also, she told me a few weeks ago that she didn’t want me to attend her burial. That’s what she told me… “Because then you’d be the guy in the grand picture, and everything would revolve around you,” he said.

It’s a work day, and I appreciate you coming in,” he remarked. I’m the second of Josie Holmes’s four sons; my name’s Eamonn, and my brothers are Emmett, Connor, and Leonard Holmes.

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He remarked on her wit, “They don’t manufacture them like you, Josie.” The radio host praised his mother, saying she was “the finest” as both a mother and his father’s wife. He loved you, and you loved him back. “Moreover, he said.

After Eamonn Holmes announced his mother had passed away last week, he was swamped with condolences from his numerous admirers. He took to social media, informing followers that she had finally been “reunited with daddy now.”

On Tuesday morning, Eamonn Holmes thanked his fans and friends for their support by posting a photo of himself and his mum laughing and smiling on the couch.

Eamonn Holmes Express his Grief as he did was not able to attend her funeral

Who all attended the funeral services?

Near and dear ones attended the burial liturgy performed at St. Patrick’s Church in Belfast. Eamonn Holmes wasn’t able to make his presence over there. But he did send a video tribute to the mourners. Eamonn, age 62, and his brothers paid their respects to their mother at Saint Patrick’s Church, Donegall Street.

Notables such as actor John Linehan, who is well known for his role as pantomime dame May McFettridge, singer Malachi Cush and UTV broadcasters Paul Clark were also in attendance.

The funeral, led by Father Kieran Creagh, was called a “celebration of the life of Josephine Holmes,” and broadcaster Eamonn Mallie was in attendance.

Final words

The passing away of Eamonn’s mom left him shattered. He expressed his grief over his social media handles. Moreover, he thanked those who were with him during these trying times. We hope he recovers soon from her loss. May the departed soul rest in peace.

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