Wednesday: What is the Release Date of the Netflix series, Plot details and More

Hello everybody!! We welcome you to a great column of entertainment. Let’s begin. A comedy horror series is premiering on OTTs!Yes! We are talking about Wednesday on Netflix.

Wednesday is a comedy horror series that will be premiered on  Netflix on the 23rd of  November, 2022. The series will not be available on Halloween, but it still should be a great watch for comedy-horror lovers.

The series is now looked at as a symbol for everything good about The Addam Family. Created by Tim Burton in collaboration with Netflix, Wednesday has intrigued the audiences to have a watch, for sure!

All the details about the Wednesday

The film was produced by MGM Studios and created by Tim Burton. It takes a great focus on Wednesday, a character who seeks to seek her to develop her psychic powers and solve mysteries that have formerly plagued her family. However, she seemed to jump into adulthood sooner, with complex relationships that she would have to navigate.

Wednesday Series Cast & Crew 

The cast and crew of the film include Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday’s main/lead role in the Adam’s Family. She not only looks like the role, but she also has a thing for dark and scary things. Jenna has also played roles in horror films, including Insidious Part 2 and The Baby Sitter- Killer Queen. She also plays a role in Foo Fighters, a Horror Comedy, and Studio 666.

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Luis Guzman will play Gomez Addams, and Catherine Zeta-Jones will play the role of Wednesday’s Mother, Morticia Addams. Garfunkel and Oates will cast as Dr. Valerie Kinbott. Jamie McShane will play Sheriff Donovan Galpin, and Pugsley, Wednesday’s Brother, will be played by Issac Ordonez. Armisen plays Wednesday’s uncle.

Guess who will be making an appearance as the main cast of the series!

Gwendoline Christie, who will play Larissa Weems.

Earlier this March 2022, it was announced that Christina Ricci would join as a regular cast.

Who all are the cast members in the Wednesday?

The Series Storyline- Wednesday

The storyline is based on Wednesday, the main character and the daughter of the iconic Addam Family, who sets foot at Nevermore academy, where she builds her psychic powers and abilities and solves a mystery 25 years ago embroiled her family.

The show focuses on Wednesday’s young adult days, how she deals with her demons daily, and her ability to gather the confidence to grow up quicker than any other young girl.

Wednesday Series Teaser/Trailer

Netflix released a quick teaser on the 6th of June 2022, showing fans a glance of the first look of Jenna Ortega as a leader of an iconic Animated Series of the former times, The Addams Family! The iconic look of the Character played by Jenna Ortega was ready to smash the OTT platforms.

Furthermore, The first teaser trailer released of the series was on August 17th, 2022, a Wednesday! Wow! Giving out the first look of the series and Tim Burton’s take on the iconic Animated Series.

One trailer focusing on Gwendoline Christie’s character was released on the 21st of September, and another portraying Uncle Fester was released on ComicCon 2022

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A few featurettes were also seen here and there, precisely the one where Tim Burton celebrates the Impact of his own on the show. Meanwhile, one trailer revealing the credits was also released. The latest trailer, the BTS (Behind the Scenes) of the making of some scenes of the series.


Do we have any leaks from the series?

A few images of the series giving out a very edgy modern vibe and some classic spookiness were released as fans are getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Moreover, One image released reminds me of a scene from the trailer where Wednesday has a bag full of Piranhas ready to be thrown into the pool. This act would get her expelled from her school.

The most shocking was the one depicting Wednesday going to prom. As per Tim Burton, what interested him about Wednesday, was the confusion of being an adult, a young adult! Her character was inspired somewhat by Tim Burton’s prom night, of how he was, what he felt, and how he would’ve dealt with life.


Q. What is the show based on?

A. Wednesday is based on Addam’s Family and focuses on Wednesday, the daughter in the Addam family, and her young adulthood days.

Q. When was the trailer of the series released?

A. On September 21st, 2022, the series’ trailer was released.

Q. Has Jenna Ortega played other roles in any other Horror movies?

A. Jenna Ortega, playing the iconic character Wednesday in the series, has played various roles in movies like The Babysitter – Killer Queen and Studio 666.

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Q. What genre is Wednesday, the Series?

A. Wednesday, airing on Netflix on the 23rd of November 2022, falls under the genre of Dark Fantasy and Comedy Horror.

Q. Who are the writers of Wednesday?

A. The writers of Wednesday, a dark fantasy series on  Netflix, include Charles Addams, Miles Miller, and Alfred Gough.

Q. How many episodes does the series Wednesday contain?

A. The new Netflix series, Wednesday, has 8 episodes.

Final Take

Wednesday is airing on the 23rd of November 2022, indeed gearing up audiences to gather around Thanksgiving and celebrate with the Addams Family! Based on an iconic Animated Series of the previous days, the show focuses on the Character Wednesday, the daughter of the Addam Family. The series is based on her young adult days when she heads to the Nevermore Academy, where she works on her psychic abilities and strengthens them to solve mysteries. For over 20 years, her family has been embroiled.

The cast involves Jenna Ortega, who has also done roles in Horror films like The Babysitter- Killer Queen, Studio 666, and many more. The series contains 8 episodes of great horror comedy and dark fantasy vibes.

Anyhoo, we are moving on to gather some more exciting news for you peeps right away. What to do?

There’s so much happening in the world. We have to get up on our toes, all for our readers. Until next time!

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