Mikaben passes away at the age 41 during a live performance in Paris

Following a stage fall this past weekend performing in Paris, the Haitian singer Mikaben has passed away. He was 41 years old at that time. The performer’s real name is Michael Benjamin. He became ill while on stage with the Haitian konpa ensemble CaRiMi. Also, it is on October 15 night at the Accor Arena.

Despite receiving emergency medical care, Benjamin passed away after falling in front of the audience. The music abruptly stops as Benjamin turns mid-performance and tries to exit the stage before falling. 

Statement by Accor Arena 

The Accor Arena released a statement saying, “It gives all of its support to his family and loved ones during this difficult moment. Our condolences also go out to Claude Cyndecki, who worked as his producer and mourning followers.”

Post of Benjamin’s Wife

According to a source, Benjamin may have experienced a heart attack. Shortly after Benjamin’s passing, the singer’s pregnant wife, Vanessa Fanfan, posted on Instagram about her sadness, saying, “She lost her other half and has no words.”

In a subsequent post, she said, “Oh [my God], Heavenly Father, I know you don’t make errors and won’t give us something we can’t handle. But this pain is burdensome. Help me, oh gracious Lord, please.”

A third image showed the couple dancing in their kitchen, with the remark, “My darling love, how did God manage to be without you for 41 years?” According to The Miami Herald, Benjamin and Fanfan married in November 2020. 


Their daughter Lea is their only child, who is 16 months old. At the same time, Benjamin is also the father of their second child, Gabriel’s son, from a prior relationship.

Haitian singer Michael Benjamin, known as Mikaben, is dead | Miami Herald

Statement by The Musician

Prior to Saturday’s concert, the musician posted a video message to his Instagram Story in which he expressed his excitement about performing alongside CaRiMi. In the video on Twitter, we can hear him saying, “Yo yo, what’s good, my people? I’m out here in Accor Arena, Paris. Today is the big day. It’s going to be chaotic, and CaRiMi is lighting up the stage.”

According to singer Roberto Martino, Benjamin was excited and told the Herald that “he couldn’t wait to get on that stage with CaRiMi. As Martino said, I’m at a loss for words. It’s a band he idolized.”

It was one of his biggest life successes. Mika was among the most humble people you’d ever meet; you’d never hear him get upset or curse at anyone. It’s just tragic and unreal. He was one of the most gifted artists I had ever encountered in my life.”

Michael 'Mikaben' Benjamin dead at 41 after on-stage collapse | news.com.au — Australia's leading news site

Post of Other Musicians and Well-wishers

Benjamin was a singer, composer, and producer who sang in Creole, French, English, and Spanish. Also, he was the son of the singer Lionel Benjamin. According to the Herald, he attended college in Montreal, Canada, then shared the stage for many years with his cousin in the konpa ensemble Krezi Mizik. 2009 saw his solo debut.

Wyclef Jean, a well-known musician from Haiti, paid tribute to Benjamin by posting a video of the two of them hugging on Twitter. “Yo, listen. In the video, Wyclef said to Benjamin, ” This guy right here is the genuine deal.” 

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The Fugees musician added to the Herald that he would remember Benjamin for his grin and that the loss was a shock. In a tweet, Ariel Henry, the prime minister of Haiti, also paid tribute to Benjamin, calling him a “very great artist.” 

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