Here are some people who were not invited to the Queen’s funeral; let’s know who and why they weren’t invited

The UK does not invite six countries; one former US president was at the Queen’s funeral. The 500-country guest list for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral excluded six nations. Hence it includes Russia, Afghanistan, Syria, Myanmar, Belarus, and Venezuela. Also, there are no invitations to the funeral of former US president Donald Trump.

Reasons and List of People Who weren’t Invited

Vladimir Putin – President of Russia

No invitations are there for Vladimir Putin. Putin is the president of Russia. Hence it is as long as Moscow is still waging a brutal war in Ukraine. Following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the UK bars many countries completely. It includes Russia and Belarus.

Additionally, no invitations are there for Aleksandr Lukashenko. Since Aleksandr vehemently backed the conflict in Ukraine. Then Aleksandr is close with Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin already canceled the event. Also, a prohibition is there for Putin sanctions from traveling to the UK. The presidents of Russia and Belarus sent condolence letters to King Charles III. since these countries have embassies in London. 

However, the Moscow Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman stated September 15. Further, the ministry passes a message regarding not inviting Russian officials to the Queen’s burial. The ministry says that it was “especially insulting towards Elizabeth II’s legacy.” Further, the ministry says it is “very unethical.” 

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle 'fully sidelined' at Queen's funeral

Reason for No Invitation to Syria

In 2012, Britain cut diplomatic relations with Syria. Owing to this, immediately after the dictatorship began its barbaric bombardment of Homs. And it has not since re-established them. Unsurprisingly, no one from Bashar al-administration Assad’s received an invitation to the funeral.

Reason for No Invitation to Myanmar Leader

Myanmar’s military ruler, General Min Aung Hlaing, excludes from the event. Further, it is after overthrowing democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi in a coup last year. 

Reason for No Invitation to Venezuelan Country

Britain has no diplomatic ties with Nicolás Maduro’s socialist government. Further, it has driven millions of Venezuelans into poverty and food insecurity. No extensions were there to invite Venezuelan delegates.The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: An unprecedented police operation in London | Europe | News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 19.09.2022

Reason for No Invitation to Taliban Leadership

No invitations were there to the Taliban leadership. It is since the Taliban was storming to power with the withdrawal of US and British troops in August. Due to tense relations, the UK chose to ask ambassadors. It is from Iran, Nicaragua, and North Korea instead of heads of state. Myanmar, Syria, Venezuela, and Afghanistan were under Taliban authority. 

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