Google will modify Search Algorithms to Tackle the Problem of “clickbait”

The clickbait problem is severe for Google, and it is something they want to tackle with all their power. If a website is trying to draw attention to itself by creating clickbait articles, it can hurt its ranking in the search engines. This is because if people are Googling for “clickbait,” they will find sites like those using this technique.

Google has begun actively looking at these websites and has already started changing its algorithm so that it will no longer display them in the top results when someone searches for “click bait” on Google Search Engine. 

Importance of Search Algorithms

This is important because if people search for information on how to get started on a new Keto diet, they would generally go onto a website like one of those mentioned. They would see what they were looking for.

But according to a report by Bloomberg, Google will soon be adding another layer of filtering for its search algorithm. The company is reportedly working on a tool that would allow advertisers to block websites from appearing in their sponsored searches.

What Made Google take this huge step?

Google’s move came after discovering that fake news stories were being promoted through sponsored links and ads by Google’s AdWords platform. Many of these sponsored links appeared alongside content from legitimate news sources, which led many people to believe that they were reading accurate news articles when they weren’t.

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What is Clickbait?

First off, it treats all websites equally. When someone wants to visit your site, they will see all the pages on your site regardless of whether or not you wrote them. Clickbait is a form of content that often promises to deliver something sensational or extreme. It can attract readers with big promises, usually broken or unfulfilled.

How Do Clickbait Articles Work?

Clickbait articles use misleading headlines and keywords that lure readers into clicking on the link, only to discover that the article is entirely unrelated to what they thought they would read.

The rise of clickbait has been a massive problem in recent years. It’s not just a matter of editorial ethics or taste; it’s also a business issue. The reason for this is simple: clickbait articles are highly effective at driving traffic to your site, which means that you can make more money from them than from other types of content.

Google will modify search algorithms to tackle clickbait | Google | The Guardian

What is Google Doing to tackle Clickbait?

Google has made it clear that it wants to tackle the problem of clickbait with the help its search algorithms. It’s been doing this by punishing sites that post links to fake news stories, modifying its algorithm to promote more authoritative and trustworthy content, and by developing tools for people to detect when they are being manipulated.

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