Shocked and Sadding as CTV National News drops its anchor Lisa LaFlamme after going grey

The claim is that a well-known television news anchor in Canada lost due to turning gray. Her job has provoked outrage and skepticism, rocking one of the top media organizations in the nation and illuminating. The strict expectations women face in the workplace. 

Why was She Fired as Anchor?

Lisa LaFlamme stated that she had been fired as the anchor of CTV National News. It is in a two-minute video uploaded on August 15. It is one of the most popular evening programs in the nation. The video has now received over 4 million views. LaFlamme claimed to have been blindsided by the decision to end her contract. Lisa LaFlamme is expected to keep this firing news secret from everyone until her exit. 

LaFlamme Prefreded her Natural Hair!

LaFlamme stopped coloring her hair during the pandemic. She let her natural hair color shine. LaFlamme began anchoring the flagship program in 2011. LaFlamme referred to the choice as liberating and told viewers she regretted not acting sooner.

What did the Senior Executive have to say?

According to a report on August 18, Michael Melling is said to have asked who had approved the decision to let Lisa’s hair go gray. Michael Melling is a senior executive at CTV News. For the past 35 years, LaFlamme has reported for CTV News. It is from war zones and the scenes of devastating natural disasters. She most recently took home the Canadian Screen Award for Best News Anchor.

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A Literal Shock For Canadian Journalism!!!

The news of Laflamme leaving shocked Canadian journalism. Also, business and government leaders joined the conversation. LaFlamme has been referred to as a significant voice in Canadian media. 

Then, according to Dickinson, the people at CTV brought their ageism to work. Bell Media, the parent company of CTV, stated a statement. It was about LaFlamme’s firing as the anchor due to changing audience behavior.

What was the Actual Reason for her Departure?

The claims that the color of her hair influenced LaFlamme’s dismissal. But, executives disputed this at a contentious business town hall meeting on August 18. It was that LaFlamme’s departure was due to her age or gender.

Others emphasized the plain double standard that permits males to display their age. When LaFlamme retired at age 77, Lloyd Robertson and Peter Mansbridge took her position. They were two prominent Canadian news anchors. These individuals had much longer careers and were given heartfelt farewells.

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