Top 10 Things We learned from Charlotte Flair On Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Podcast

Charlotte Flair taught us ten essential life lessons on this week’s episode of Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Podcast. 

What happens next is a mystery to Charlotte Flair?

The newlywed star knows one thing: WWE had better not try to turn her babyface. In the most recent episode of “Broken Skull Sessions,” Charlotte revealed to Steve Austin that she is a huge heel fan. 

Austin talked to Charlotte about a wide variety of topics. They talked about everything from Flair’s tours with Ric to her decision to become a professional wrestler. 

Here is everything we discovered!

  1. What does She think About Sasha Banks and Naomi?

Austin Broken Skull Sessions with Charlotte FlairWWE. Finally, and this may surprise some, “Stone Cold” asked Charlotte what she thought about the Sasha Banks and Naomi walkout in May.

  1. Belt-Swapping Drama on Her Side 

When asked by Austin whether or not she had foreseen Charlotte dropping the Raw Women’s Title, Becky Lynch said that she had. On the episode of SmackDown from October 22, 2021, that happened. There are still some supporters who don’t believe that. 

  1. A WrestleMania 35 Regret for Charlotte 

It had the desired effect, but it wasn’t enough for Charlotte. McMahon announced that Flair would join Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey in a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania 35. 

  1. “On Instinct,” She Began Wrestling 

Austin’s inquiry into how long it took Charlotte to stop planning every move and begin wrestling purely on instinct was insightful. Flair claims that this development did not occur until Survivor Series 2018. 

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  1. Who Instilled in Her the Desire to “Be a Star”? 

Charlotte showed much respect for Nikki Bella during the interview, not just because she was a significant challenger for Flair. 

  1. She Despises: “Old Babyface.” 

Charlotte fit right in at WWE’s developmental division. For this reason, she has difficulty pulling off the babyface look.

  1. Her Initial Ending 

She had argued in FCW that doing the snapmare from the corner would be the best way to showcase her athleticism and wow the crowd. 

  1. Fantastic FCW Footage, Number 8 

If only for this insert, Charlotte’s appearance on “Broken Skull Sessions” would be worth watching. Austin broadcasted the 2012 speech given by Flair during WWE training. 

  1. She Hopes to Be Paige 

Though injuries were a factor, they boosted Flair’s self-assurance. She wants to become like Paige. 

  1. Her Initial Wrestling Promotion Tour Experience 

Together with Ric, Charlotte participated in two separate business trips. For her to accept her new identity as a “WWE Diva,” many things would have to alter. 

In conclusion

Charlotte’s response was diplomatic, and “Stone Cold” was easy on his guest. When Flair put the spotlight on herself, she was at her most critical. We enjoyed the Podcast! Tell us what you feel about the Podcast in the comments.

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