Nipomo Shooting: Active Shooter Incident Reported at a gas station in Nipomo, California

Authorities are Responding to an Active Shooter Incident at a Vons Gas Station in Nipomo California.

The incident took place on Friday Morning at around 11:35 am when Police near the Nipomo Region got a shoots Fired Called by Locals at the Vons Gas Station on 500 block of West Tefft Street.

The Shooter has been described as a Man and Wearing a Black Body Armour. Police have also reported that the shooter fired multiple shots at the First Responders’ Vehicle.

SLO County Sheriff has also informed all the citizens near the area to stay clear as this is an “Active Situation” via twitter.

Mutiple Police Units from SLO County Sheriff Office are on the scene and are currently handling the situation. SWAT team have also been called to the scene and authorities have not reported any victims.

This is a developing story & more will be updated as soon as more information is released by the Authorities.

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