Google Has Changed It’s Avatar For Gmail, Hangout And Google Meet; The People Of The Internet Are Clearly Not Happy About It

Google has taken a major step and changed the logos of quite a few of their most-used apps. The apps which have come as the shock to most of the netizens are Gmail, Hangout, Google Meet, Google Sheets and more. We believe it is important to mention that the Netizens are not happy with these changes. Google, the US-based company has changed its logo as a part of companies rebranding. The search-engine giant has changed the iconic ‘envelop’ logo of its Gmail app. It has replaced it with a new design which is now keeping it up with the logos of other Google applications. Here are all the Logo’s they’ve switched.

Logo’s Google Has Changed. Have A Look At Their New Logos

1. Google Workplace

Google Suite which was earlier known as GSuite. Google Workplace brings all apps under its umbrella. This step was taken with the aim to enhance productivity and collaboration. Here’s the new look for Google Suite

2. Gmail’s Logo Change

Gmail is one of the few Google Apps which has not gone through a major logo change. All the changes that the Google logo has made is it has given Gmail Googles main colours. This is how the logo looks.

3. Google Calendar

The Google calendar got a few changes. The primary colour for the Google calendar is blue, and there is a number 31. The bottom right corner is creased, and the centre of the logo has the number ’31.’

4. Google Drive

Google Drive also has little to no change. The only noticeable changes it has is the triangle with slightly rounded edges. There is also a dash of red added other than the current three colours. The regular Yellow, Blue and Green are still there.

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5. Google Docs

This one is a rectangle with a creased top-right corner, similar to Calendar. As for colours, it has all the four — Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. This one has gotten an entire facelift.

6. Google Chat: The GChat now has only one colour- Green

Google Chat is getting a new icon, and it’s all green! The colour is said to be a homage to Hangouts. Google’s instant communication apps share this colour. We wonder if the green colour is a meaning that the work that needs to be done will be quick.

7. Google Meet

Google meet’s logo is updated, and it now has a camera. The icon is formed from basic shapes. Here is the new icon

8. Google Keep

Google Keep is now a sheet of paper, the square background is gone. The light bulb’s design too is flattened. Too many new logos to keep up. We swear its almost over.

9. Google Voice
The google voice gets a  green chat bubble. Google Voice icon shows a phone icon out of the Dark Green chat bubble with a signal coming from it.

This was the list of all the Google logo’s that were updated. People have mixed feelings about this. Not everyone is as accepting about this and that’s okay, because people are used to their beloved Google logos, and transitioning is difficult.

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