Intel Iris Plus Graphics: It Is A One Stop Solution For Binge Watching, Online Shopping Or Gaming

Intel has launched its new processor. The new Intel processor is called “Intel Iris Plus Graphics.” It supports Wi-Fi 6, lightning-fast connections, and battery life is meant for binge-watching. What more can someone expect?

During this COVID time, it is difficult to live without a laptop if you plan to earn. Being at home means a lot of time is saved as we don’t have to spend time travelling, and we can cook while were attending a meeting. The laptop is a huge part of how we stay productive throughout the day. No matter how much we refuse to accept, we all binge-watch, and shop online and stay connected with friends with the help of a portable screen and keyboard called a laptop.

“Indeed, I have been turning to my laptop a lot more than usual. Especially for binge-watching. However, entertainment on a laptop is fun when it has stunning display options”, says Arahant from Gurgaon, India.

Intel Wi-fi 6 enables ultra-fast, ultra-dynamic, connections for browsing, online-shopping, virtual parties, streaming, gaming or even working in environments with many connected devices. Arhant had a few more things to add to his previous statement. He said

”I need my laptop regularly for office work, to shop online, gaming and a whole lot of other activities. But here’s the truth – The battery of my old laptop loses power quickly. The visuals and graphics are not HD quality. And connectivity and performance of course are issues due to older specifications.”

However, Arhant did manage to find solutions. And here is what he did

“Recently, I bought a thin and light laptop with a 10th Gen Intel Core processor. It gives me a powerful combination of performance, entertainment and connectivity. These are the capabilities you want in a thin and light laptop,” Arhant Explains

What Does The Intel Iris Plus Graphics Offer?

Stunning Entertainment

Some of you might ask why did Arhant get 10th Generation? Well, Arhant has given the answer to that as well. The answer he gave for that is

“because it has the latest, ground-breaking visuals with Intel Iris Plus graphics that offers an extremely immersive entertainment experience.”

Arhant is delighted in the quality of the screen he gets. He is delighted by the brilliant colours and rich detail of the 4K HDR video. He loves binge-watching his favourite shows on his new laptop. On his new laptop, he likes to play a wide variety of games, and that too in full HD. The games he usually plays are Fortnite and Dirt Rally 2.0.  Another advantage of Intel 10th Gen laptop is that one can even do 4K video editing and high-resolution photo editing like a pro in no time.

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Striking New Features Of Intel Iris Plus Graphics

  1. Combination of performance, connectivity and entertainment
  2. WiFi 6- Best in class Wifi3 performance
  3. Built for AI Software of future
  4. Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics- Stunning entertainment
  5. Easy to stream 4K HDR videos and video chats

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