Phillips has recently launched new T8505 ANC wireless earbuds

T8505 ANC wireless earbuds

Phillips has recently added to its massive armory of headphones. Since the starting of the market Phillips always has been a dominant producer. Its market is spread over India. It’s not overly expensive products accompanied with good quality and the backing of a respected brand has helped it gain a sizeable share in the electronics market. However, its production is not limited to headphones.it also produced products for various other spheres. These include lights, trimmers, and whatnot. This only adds to the credibility of its headphones.

Where does it stand?

Recently the popularity of wireless earbuds has gained popularity.eamIt gained more steam since the Apple X decided to take out its buds. Finding itself rather new in this already hostile environment, Phillips did have to face some upstream challenges. However,the new T8505 is hardly a disappointment. it seems to do justice to the companies legacy. Let’s talk about the details of the new product.


If you’re looking for something premium, then you are the right place. The T8505 offer a premium experience to the users and give a great feeling. Backed with somewhere around 20 hours ofttery life, they will work well in tough situations as well. they are a must-buy if you are tired of Apple and Samsung products. This is no way means that they are second to them. It is definitely a great product.

If however,you are not looking for wireless headphones. As is the case with many people. The reasons behind this vary from person to person however most people suggest there is a lack of feeling behind these products. If you are one of them, then you might want to check out their other invention. The Phillips T9505. These are great for those looking for a premium experience whilst not wanting to work with wireless headphones.

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