iOS 14 Update Battery Drain Issue Solved! Does It Require You To Factory Reset Your iPhone? Know More

Apple recently released the 14.0.1 to fix a few bugs which were a result of their previous update. This particular update which caused the bug set the Apple browser as well as the apple email default apps after rebooting. iOS 14 is the latest operating system version released by Apple. But ever since this update has been released, Apple users who’ve installed this update have been facing a lot of problems. The latest problem they have been facing is a severe battery drain.

Problems Apple Users Are Facing After The Update

People are not only facing the battery drain problem on their iPhones. Some of them are also facing it on their Apple watches die to the Apple watchOS 7 updates. Other problems which users are facing include: losing their Workout GPS routes and health data in the Fitness or Health app. Some apps also fail to load since the update.

Several users have been complaining about this over and over again, and now Apple has finally released a support document on its website that provides a workaround for fixing poor battery performance after updating to iOS 14. Instead of directing affected users to turn off or on any particular settings, Apple asked them to do something drastic. Apple said in the document that erasing all content and settings from the iPhone running on iOS 14 might help to revive its battery life. That was totally unexpected.

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Apple released the document which has listed seven issues that users might have faced after installing iOS 14.0 and watchOS 7.0. While the first six listed were related to missing health and workout data as well as inaccuracy of the data available on the Fitness app or Health app, the seventh was related to the major problem the battery drain.

What Some Of The Users Had To Say



Important Notes From Apple

Apple has mentioned in its document that if you are amongst the affected users and experiencing “two or more” of the listed issues, you need to unpair your iPhone and your Apple Watch, back up to iCloud, and erase all content stored on your iPhone. After that, Apple has recommended restoring your iPhone and Apple Watch from the recent backups.

However, it is important to note that this is not the first time Apple is facing complains right after their update. The complaints regarding the battery problems are the most common with Apple. It saw similar issues with some of the big iOS updates in the past as well. However, it seems a little interesting as well as a bit weird that the company wasn’t able to address the battery draining. As well as the health and workout data-related issues. Despite bringing iOS 14.0.1 as a bug fix update, and these issues are exactly what they should’ve fixed in the first place.

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How To Factory Reset An iPhone?

  • Head to the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap the General option
  • Now select the Reset option
  • Once done, select the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option

For Apple watches,  unpair it from your iPhone by heading to the Watch app and selecting the My Watch tab and then the All Watches option. Finally, select the Unpair Apple Watch option.

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