FFXI Omen Card Farming Guide

Final Fantasy XI, aka FFXI, is a popular multiplayer role-playing game that was the eleventh installment of the Final Fantasy series. It featured many secluded areas to keep players engaged so they don’t get bored. One such area is called Omen.

Final Fantasy XI features an Omen to enable players to earn rewards by fighting off mobs. These rewards include scales and job cards, and you can also earn them by completing objectives in the Omen. Here is the perfect FFXI omen card farming guide for beginners to start their journey.

If you want to deal with Omen single-handedly, you need to Buy FFXI Gil to buy better equipment. This guide features tips, requirements, and a complete how-to about Omen card farming. You can earn some pretty good rewards in Omen with a lot less grinding.

What Is Omen in FFXI?

Omen is a separate area near Reisenjima on the FFXI game map. It is a forest that is filled with mobs of enemies that you have to fight off. As you defeat enemies and complete objectives, you will move towards the center of the forest, where a big boss is waiting for you. Omen was introduced in Final Fantasy XI in the 2016 update, which was released in the month of December.

Requirements for Omen in FFXI

Omen is a special area, and you have to meet a special criterion to access it in FFXI. These requirements are given below.

  • Complete all Rhapsodies of Vana’diel
  • A mystical canteen
  • Leader of the alliance or the party
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Tips for Omen

Finding it hard to farm omen cards in FFXI? Don’t worry, and follow these simple tips to get the job done.

Go with a small group

You may want to complete the Omen with an alliance as it may look easy at first because of the number of players, but it isn’t. Instead, go with a small team that features masters of all trades. This way, there will be less chaos and more work during the adventure through Omen.

Everyone will be assigned a task, and they can complete it without worrying about team members. For solo lovers, firstly, it isn’t possible for most players to do it solo. The reason is the number of enemies in mobs and the number of objectives available in the game.

You will need various skills to deal with objectives, and you can only have one or two skills max at a time. An alliance will have players who can take one skill each and complete the objective effortlessly.

Pick jobs accordingly

Although Omen is a very difficult area for various reasons, picking the right class for Omen is still crucial, and it matters. Warrior, black mage, scholar, and samurai are some of the best jobs in Final Fantasy Eleven to deal with Omen.

Coordinate with team

If you are going in with a team of players, coordinate with them to learn what they are experts in and share your expertise with them. This way, you will be able to deal with objectives easily and in a short time.

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Summon trust

Whether you have joined an alliance for Omen or want to go solo, you should summon trust as soon as you enter the Omen. If you are with a party, break away from the party and summon trust because it’s totally worth it. For solo players, summoning is easy as long as they use the linkshell for communication.

How to Get in Omen?

If you haven’t completed Rhapsody missions yet, first complete them. Afterward, meet with a goblin named Incantrix by going to the final ethereal ingress. There, you will receive a mystical canteen from him, which provides you access to Omen.

The goblin holds three canteens, so you can visit him again and again for new canteens. The canteen will respawn automatically after twenty-four hours. You can hold only one mystical canteen at a time. After you have joined an alliance and are ready to enter Omen, select the earthly concrescence option.

The entry process takes a few seconds only. Two different types of mobs are available in Omen, called transcendent mobs and Sweetwater regular mobs. Transcendent mobs have a lot more HP compared to the Sweetwater mob as well as both mobs are aggro.

Main Objectives in Omen

Below are all the available primary objectives in Omen, and you have to randomly select some of them to complete floor one and floor two.

  • Kill a monster
  • Deal with the given number of mobs
  • Kill all monsters in Omen
  • Kill all transcended monsters
  • Complete free the floor

After clearing a floor, a sign will appear on the head of all the alliance members, which shows that floor is clear. Move to the next floor, which can be done by going towards the light and clicking on it. For those who want to farm cards, they have to select the small light between the two options.

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If you choose the option to go to the light instead, you will have to deal with a boss instead. The third floor in Omen features a circle that is filled with mobs of all types. For every five objectives that you complete on this floor, you will farm one Omen Card. MMOpixel lets you place an order for FFXI Gil in a few simple steps.

Additional Objectives in Omen

Additional objectives in Omen are optional, and you can complete them if you want to. Here are all the available additional objectives.

  • Deal with a specific number of enemies
  • Use two times abilities to deal with enemies
  • Cast three times spells to deal with enemies
  • Execute a specific number of skills chains
  • Perform three times magic bursts
  • Deal three times critical hits
  • Use three times elemental weapon skills
  • Use three times physical weapon skills
  • Use five times weapon skills

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