watchOS 9 is now available

On September 12, Apple issued the significant WatchOS 9 update for the Apple Watch. Also, the upcoming WatchOS 9 software update will be free to download. At its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, Apple first revealed WatchOS 9. 

Then every year, Cupertino updates the software. Although not a significant improvement, this year’s version still has many valuable features. 

When and how will WatchOS 9 be available?

The new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE will go on sale on September 16. Apple will make the new operating system available beginning on September 12. Then the Apple Watch Ultra will go on sale on September 23.

How to get WatchOS 9?

Download iOS 16 to your phone before upgrading to your Apple Watch. Hence by selecting Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install, you can download iOS 16. The program will restart your phone once. You can then access the Watch App’s General > Software Update section. 

What brand-new features to expect with the OS 9 upgrade?

watchOS 9 is now available with Low Power Mode | Macworld

The most prominent is a brand-new fitness app. As a result, you will see more data once you start exercising, such as heart rate zones and activity ring statistics. Rotate the digital crown. Your health information computes heart rate zones automatically. For personalization, you can designate your work and rest periods.

In WatchOS 9, the Sleep app is receiving a significant makeover. Sleep Stages is a new feature that Apple has included. You can use REM, light, and heavy sleep stages to determine how well you slept.

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WatchOS 9 also includes updated, and new watch faces. The updated version of the Astronomy watch face shows cloud coverage. Then there is Metropolitan, a programmable clock faced with complications and moving numbers. When the crown is rotated, the lunar displays the lunar calendar. Lastly, Playtime is a joint effort with artist Joi Fulton.

Through the Medications app, Apple also incorporated new pharmaceutical features. You can manage your prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements. Users can add their prescription medications to the app and receive alerts. If you don’t own an Apple Watch, you can still add your prescriptions to the Health app on your iPhone.

The Apple Watch can now track how long someone has been in Afib. The new function keeps track of the history of your heart and generates. 

Finally, Apple is giving the Apple Watch a new low-power mode. It increases the Apple Watch’s battery life by turning off functions like Always-on-Mode. It is available on the Apple Watch 5 when the battery is low. The functionality, according to Apple, will extend battery life by up to five days and up to 36 hours, respectively. The good news is that Apple is adding a low-power mode to older Apple Watch devices such as the Series 4 model.

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