Kelly’s trial begins as prosecutors begin the closing statements. 

Before rendering their verdict on R’s case, the attorneys for both sides have presented their closing arguments—Kelly, along with his two previous assistants. Since the early 2000s, the individual has been the focus of various sexual assault complaints.

What is the take off the court?

On Monday, a female juror shared her concerns with the presiding judge. Stating that she had the sensation that she was experiencing a panic attack. Moreover, she could not continue serving on the jury. It has been decided to appoint a male alternate juror in her place.

Within the context of the 13-count indictment, it is the responsibility of federal prosecutors to show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Kelly was already given a sentence of thirty years in jail after being found guilty in a different case. This took place in the state of New York. The federal trial he is currently facing in Chicago might land him with additional years behind bars.

What is the case all about?

In this case, Derrel McDavid, Kelly’s former manager, and Milton Brown, Kelly’s staff, are both defendants. One of the most important witnesses for the prosecution is a woman who goes by the name of Jane. She identified herself in recordings with Kelly when they were both 14 years old.

Elizabeth Pozolo, an assistant United States attorney, argued on Monday that the defendant “took advantage of his position, his reputation, and her youth. He took advantage for his enjoyment.”

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Pozole argued that Kelly, his former business manager, and his former assistant conspired to conceal evidence. Moreover, they thwarted criminal prosecution in Cook County when the video of Jane became public. The three individuals in question are Kelly, his former business manager, and his former assistant.

Allegations against R.Kelly

According to Pozole, “Kelly and his staff did their best to cover up the fact that R Kelly is a sexual predator.” Kelly has been accused of sexually assaulting several women.

At the beginning of the trial, the federal prosecutors called an expert witness who testified about the behavior of child predators. This behavior can make a child believe they are unique and that their behavior is typical. It can take many years for the individual to realize that the behavior is abusive.

In her closing statement, prosecutor Pozolo stated, “Robert Kelly exploited females over a long period of time. Moreover, he perpetrated heinous crimes against children. But he wasn’t the only one who did it.” The attorneys for each of the defendants are now presenting their closing arguments.

In sum, what all they have to say?

Before and during the trial, the attorney represents Derrel McDavid, who had previously worked as Kelly’s business manager. He maintained that those witnesses testified regarding McDavid’s role. “Don’t give into guilt by association because that’s all the government has,” Beau Brindley, McDavid’s attorney, urged the jury during the trial. “Don’t fall into guilt by association.”

Additionally, Brindley contended that McDavid believed that Kelly’s goddaughter was not the girl in the sex tape. Brindley stated, “The information he had at that time is different from the information he has now.”

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