President Biden Assures Zelensky US Will Act “Swiftly And Decisively”

President Biden made this clear moreover assured that the United States will respond swiftly and decisively, together with all its allies and partners, for any type of further Russian aggression or attacks against Ukraine.

The two leaders of the US and Ukraine together agreed on the topic of the importance of continuing to pursue diplomacy.

They accepted the fact that they should discourage the negative actions in response to Russia`s military build-up on Ukraine`s borders, added the White House readout.

The official told CNN the Ukrainian leader stressed to his US counterpart that strong economic support would — in the words of the official — “show Putin that the West stands with Ukraine and that the impact of Putin`s escalation would bear no fruit.”

The Visit to Ukraine-

According to the Ukrainian officials, Zelensky himself asked Biden to visit Ukraine showing important concerns, as soon as possible, but there had been no positive response from Biden at first, accordingly.

US officials said a trip by Biden to Ukraine is extremely unlikely for them. But then after that US gave that a thought and accepted the invitation.

The two leaders further agreed on the “importance of continuing to pursue diplomacy and deterrence” over Russia’s military moves.

On his part, Zelensky stressed that Ukraine understands all the current risks and has already planned for situations and therefore is ready for “any developments”, Xinhua news agency quoted a statement issued by his press service as saying.

He thanked Washington for this support, saying it contributes to strengthening the capabilities of Ukraine.

In recent days, the US and some other countries have advised their citizens to leave Ukraine after sensing war actions and citing increased threats of military action.


The US has seen to be releasing intelligence which surely claims about the proof that Russia is prepared to mount military aggression against Ukraine.

Zelensky also emphasized to Biden the need for a significant financial package for Ukraine’s support against military actions, according to the official.

The official told CNN the Ukrainian leader stressed to his US counterpart that strong economic support would — in the words of the official — “show Putin that the West stands with Ukraine and that the impact of Putin’s escalation would bear no fruit.”


When reached for comment by CNN, a White House official noted that security assistance to Ukraine is ongoing, highlighted various shipments in past recent weeks, and said the administration is exploring “additional macroeconomic support to help Ukraine’s economy” amid the Russian military buildup.

Biden and Zelensky last spoke in January and it “did not go well,” as per sources as a senior Ukrainian official told CNN at the time,  they amid disagreements over the topic of the seriousness of “risk levels” of the Russian attack.

Reminding that it has been assisting Ukraine since 2014, the G7 ministers said they will continue their economic support for Kyiv authorities’ ongoing reform efforts under the IMF program, which is also supported by other international financial institutions.

The ministers stressed that they are prepared to collectively impose economic and financial sanctions on Russia, which will have massive and immediate consequences on its economy.

Diplomatic steps taken over the weekend were not enough to lower the tension between Russia and Ukraine after US officials warned of imminent military aggression by Moscow in Ukraine.

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US President Joe Biden on Sunday assured his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky that Washington would “respond swiftly and decisively” to any further Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Zelensky thanked Biden for America’s “unwavering support” and invited him to visit Ukraine.

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