Ukraine Crisis: Some Countries Are Siding With Russia, Not Allying With The US

Ukraine Crisis: Everyone around the world discussing Ukraine crisis and only some countries are siding with Russia, not allying with the US. After World War II, the world split into two poles during the Cold War. One pole is led by America, the other pole is led by the Soviet Union.

How North Atlantic Treaty Organization Formed?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed in 1949, four years after the end of World War II. Other Western nations, including the United States and Canada, launched it to defend themselves against the Soviet Union.

The first 12 countries joined NATO. Now that number has risen to 30. With me, the Member States offer mutual assistance. NATO declared at the outset that any attack on any of these would be an attack on the entire organization.

Ukraine Crisis

However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, conditions changed worldwide. The collapse of the Soviet Union was the main cause of the birth of NATO.

One of the two poles was blown off. The whole world has become one pole. America has become a superpower.

Russia was formed after the break-up of the Soviet Union. But, the economic conditions of that country have deteriorated. Russia is trying to get out of this situation.

Experts say that at the time, the United States could have taken Russia into its camp if it wanted to, but that the country had not strayed from the Cold War ideology and treated Russia like the Soviet Union.

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Although NATO was launched against the Soviet Union, Russian President Putin was not initially against it.

What is Putin’s View Of NATO?

Putin became President of Russia in 2000. George Robertson NATO Secretary-General from 1999 to 2003, recalls his first meeting with him and said as follows.

“Putin wanted to be part of a prosperous, stable Western nation. I was asked, ‘When will we be invited to join NATO? We invite countries to join NATO, and those who want to join will apply.’

George Robertson made the remarks in a ‘One Decision podcast’ hosted by former CNN journalist Michael Kosinski. Putin made the same point on March 5, 2000, in an interview with BBC journalist David Frost.

“What is your opinion of NATO? Do you see it as an organization with no potential as a partner? Or do you see it as a rival, an enemy?” David Frost asked Putin.

“Russia is part of the culture of Europe. I can not separate Russia from it. I can not consider NATO an enemy as part of this civilized world. I do not think it’s good for Russia or the world to raise such a question.

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