Bill Gates’ Father DEAD, William Henry Gates Died Peacefully at His Home at the Age of 94

The father of Bill Gates, the billionaire and co-founder of Microsft — William Henry Gates II — passed away on Monday. The former attorney was 94 years old. Bill Gates himself shared the tragic news through a post in his official blog. He wrote that his father passed away peacefully at his home. All the family members were by his side when Gates’s father took last breath.

William Henry Gates II official biography mentioned that he was an Army veteran and a former attorney. He was also one of the founding members of the Seattle law firm. The most influential work from him must be his efforts to create a charitable organization, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates has been focusing on the organization ever since he stepped down from Microsoft.

Bill Gates and his father, Bill Gates Sr.

The foundation started in 2000, and his father, Henry Gates, served as the co-chair of the organization. Bill strictly mentioned that the foundation wouldn’t have been what it is today if his father wasn’t there in the first place. The third-richest man in the world is really grateful for his father, as he provided constant encouragement to him and his sisters. Bill Gates mentioned he and his sisters are lucky to have Henry as their father, who was always patient with them.

William H. Gates was serious and judicious about learning!

Photo Prashant Panjiar

Bill Gates, however, didn’t mention the real cause of the death. But, he said that his father’s health has been degrading in the past few weeks. Gates wrote that his father was everything he[Bill] ever tried to be. He then went on to reflect the amazing influence his father had in his life and those around him. The tech magnate mentioned that his father actually shaped the values of the charitable foundation, more than anyone else.


William Henry Gates II also co-chaired as the founding member at the Pacific Health Summit. He also served as the board member of organizations like United Way and Planned Parenthood.

Rest in Peace, Gates Sr.

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