Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241 Release Date will be on February 8, 2022. This has been confirmed by multiple sources.

Ken Wakui has written and illustrated Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241, a Japanese manga series. Since March 2017, this manga has been featured in the Japanese weekly magazine Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. The popular series is also published in English by Kodansha USA. The action-thriller anime debuted on March 1, 2017.

Until now, a total of 24 volumes have been published. Koichi Hatsumi directed the anime, which was written by Yauyuki Muto. Hiroaki Tsutsumi composes the music for the anime series. Liden Films Studio is in charge of the anime’s production, and Crunchyroll has licenced the show. Since April 2021, viewers have been able to watch anime on television.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241: Plot

Tokyo Revengers is a complex Japanese manga series that transports viewers through a time paradox. The plot revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki’s life. Hinata Tachibana, a middle school girl, is the romantic partner of a 26-year-old freeter.

Takemichi learns one day that his partner, as well as her younger brother, Naoto, have been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi is transported back in time, approximately 12 years. All of this as a result of “getting pushed in front of a train.”

Takemichi meets a younger Naoto and saves him and his sister from certain death. When Takemichi and Naoto shake hands, Takemichi is instantly transported back to the present.

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Meanwhile, Naoto, a survivor of death, deduces that every time they hold hands, Takemichi is transported into the past. Takemichi promises to save his girlfriend Hinata by using his future knowledge.

Tokyo Revengers
Meanwhile, Takemichi’s friends have previously been led into underground matches by Kiyomasa, a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi, determined to protect them, earns the respect of the gang’s leader, Mikey.

Later, Takemichi discovers that his friendship with the gang leader, Akkun, will be beneficial to him and his friends in the future, as it will allow him to save a few lives. Takemichi discovers in the past that the Tokyo Manji Gang has declared war on Moebius, a rival gang that murdered Pah-friend.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241 Release Date

According to the most recent Tokyo Revengers release schedule, the new chapter: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 241 Release Date will be on February 8, 2022. It is also possible that the chapter will be released earlier than expected, so fans should keep an eye out for that.

Tokyo Revengers

Where To Watch

Tokyo Revengers, as known previously, can be seen on MBS, TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TVs, TVQ, BS Asahi, AT-X, TSK, QAB, and RKK.

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