Dr Stone Chapter 226: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Comics are one of the best and never-ending sources of entertainment. Speaking of the world of comics, Japanese manga is gaining a lot of popularity rapidly. No doubt that these were already well known before the pandemic but during the covid phase, these comics gained even more pandemic. Let’s talk about Dr Stone Chapter 226 in this article.

Despite the fact many mangas are being made in anime, fans remain loyal to this genre of entertainment. This has raised the value and appreciation awarded to manga. Dr. Stone is one such manga that has been on the list of readers for many of the binge readers.

Dr Stone Chapter 226
light Yagami and Shinigami.

Dr Stone Chapter 226: who is Dr.stone?

Dr . Stone is one of the famous Japanese manga series. It was released on March 6, 2017. It was a huge bang. This series got huge popularity within the release of the first few chapters.  It is a multi-genre series. It includes adventure, post-apocalypse, and science fiction.

Dr Stone Chapter 226: Release Date

The fans of Dr. Stone were eagerly waiting for Dr Stone Chapter 226 release.  So here’s the news, It has finally premiered and a few chapters of Dr. Stone chapter 226 have been aired. Well, It was released on January 23, 2022. Dr . Stone is currently one of the most trending series right now with episodes being released one after the other. Fans will find the chapters only on the official website of viz media.

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Dr Stone Chapter 226

Dr Stone Chapter 226: Previous chapter recap

The 225th chapter of Dr. Stone started with the beginning of the first step of their team with a mission. Both the units of the spacecraft were to be removed from the shuttle. However, Senku was not impressed with the tiny improvements. He was going to be distressed until they got the why man. A minute passes by but there is no word from the team Earth. He wondered why they were not responding. It turned out that their shuttle had lost the audio connection.

Later, Senku went to the main circuit room to check what was the error. It turned out that the audio gear was working efficiently but it was the electrical board which has malfunctioned. upon re-check, it was found out that there was a strand of Stone hair that was stuck inside the board. But somehow, the direction of the shuttle was adjusted on its own. Senku finds that ryusui was approaching them from unit 4 along with a gyroscopic phenomenon that fixed the problem.

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