Rent A Girlfriend Characters’ Age, Height, Birthday (Complete List)

Rent A Girlfriend Characters

If you are a fan of Anime Series, you definitely heard about Rent A Girlfriend. It is a romantic comedy Japanese Anime Series that really wins people’s hearts. This popular Anime series was first serialized on July 11, 2020, on English Network Anjmax. All Rent-A-Girlfriend Characters did a great job to make this series successful. … Read more

Joel Osteen Divorce

Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen having Relationship problem? There isn’t any clear news regarding their marital life and mostly about the popular American pastor’s married life. The only source that would know the answer are Joel and his wife Victoria. There has been rumours about their divorce circulating years now. But the answer is NO, … Read more

Interesting Facts About Annie Bakes, Dennis Rodman’s Ex-Wife

Annie Bakes

Annie Bakes is the ex-wife of NBA player Dennis Rodman. The couple got married and divorced within the same year of 1992. Dennis Rodman is a basketball player and a well-known personality. He had married three women and Annie was his first wife. They had a complicated relationship and together they have a daughter named … Read more

Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols dies at age 89

Nichelle Nichols

The Hollywood Industry loses another star icon. We are talking about Nichelle Nichols who passes away at the age of 89. Her son, Kyle Johnson, informed her fans in a post on Nichols’ Instagram account. The post reads “Last night, my mother, Nichelle Nichols, succumbed to natural causes and passed away,” Johnson writes. “Her light, however, like … Read more

Salman Khan granted gun license for self-protection after receiving death threat – Details inside

Salman Khan

After receiving death threats, Salman Khan finally receives an arms license. This is in reference to his application for a gun license for self-protection in the backdrop of threat letters. The actor was issued the license after he applied for the same seeking self-protection against the backdrop of the death threat letters he is receiving. … Read more

Who is Leonard Francois: Facts About Naomi Osaka Father

“A person should always constantly love like a mother and care like a dad,” they all say. While this definition may not apply to everyone, Leonard Francois fits the criteria well. Who can overlook the father of World Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka? Apart from being kind, Leonard is credited with introducing his daughters to the … Read more

6 Facts About Justin Ryan Simpson, OJ Simpson’s Son

Justin Ryan Simpson is a well-known American celebrity child. Since his father is the iconic, O.J. Simpson, he has been in the public limelight from his birth. Nicole Brown Simpson is his father’s late ex-wife. About Justin Ryan Simpson: On August 6, 1988, Justin Ryan Simpson was born. He is the youngest son of Orenthal … Read more

5 Facts About Catherine Mooty, Troy Aikman’s Wife

Catherine Mooty is a well-known high-end fashion figure who rose to fame after marrying Troy Aikman. Troy Aikman’s wife is a lady who is concerned about her new marriage, her appearance, and her career success. You’ll be interested in a compilation of facts about Catherine and her rapid rise through the social tiers!! About Catherine … Read more

Top 6 Facts About Ewa Sonnet: Bio and Everything About Her

You may have heard of politicians, journalists, authors, or well-known television personalities, but in today’s world, even persons with a large following on Instagram or TikTok are considered celebrities. Serial killers and mass murderers are equally well-known for their heinous acts. I’m talking about folks who have an intriguing life and decide to make it … Read more