Painter of the Night Chapter 84: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Painter of the Night Chapter 84 has not given any update regarding its release date.  Fans are excited and can watch it on Lehzin Comics

Painter of the Night is a famous ongoing manhwa.  Painter of The Night is written by Byeonduck and published by Lehzin Comics. The ongoing Manga was first released on 14th May 2019. The series is both historic, deep poetry and a novel kind of Manga.

This manga is different than any other Yaois, got deep meaningful lessons of life. This is a Korean-based Manga that shows deep realities of the world, including tragedy, romance, drama, and indeed a great story. The manhwa is released in English, Spanish and Korean languages.

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  • Painter of Painter the Night Chapter 84 Release Date
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The plot of Painter of the Night

The main part of the manga is Na-Kyum, who is an artist, particularly a painter who paints sensual images of men through his imagination. The story of Painter of the Night is a perfect piece of art that can melt your heart. Na-Kyum is a special painter who gives life color and brings a different meaning to it. The title itself has a great meaning- The painter signifies an artist (Na-Kyum) and The Night signifies the dark stereotype and discrimination held on our society. The way the entire journey has been narrated is soothing and can make anyone get involved very easily.

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Na-Kyum is afraid to face society with his art. He tries coming out with other names and publishes his paintings under a false name, though he gets a lot of love for this. There come to some difficulties for which he decides to quit painting. He met a gentleman named Seungho and he likes one of Na-Kyum’s paintings. He then instructs his assistant to find that work. His servant, named Doek-Jae who is very jealous of him tries to make him feel that he is unworthy of any of these successes. The last chapter ended with Na- Kyum listening to music in the laps of Yoon Seungho.

Keep reading Painter of the Night to know more about Na kyum’s life and his paintings.

Painter the Night Chapter 84 Release Date

Sadly, there has been no information regarding the release of Painter of Night Chapter 84. Manga lovers are very much excited about the release of a new chapter. Fans also expected chapter 77 to be the end of this manhwa series but we can wait until there is any update for chapter 78. This chapter will be out soon and then we can expect the release of chapter 84. For now, you can go through the other chapters of the manhwa to collect more details.

Painter of the Night Chapter 84

Where to read Manga Online

You can watch all the latest chapters on Lezhin Comics. Readers will get access to it once it has been released.

Stay tuned with Stanford Art Review for the latest updates.

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