Foundation Episode 7: Release Date, Spoiler, Trailer, Watch Online

Foundation Episode 7 is set to premiere on October 29, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV+. Fans are excited to watch the next episode of the show.

The main history of this show is friction and science. Josh Friedman along with David S. Goyer has created this science and friction show. From the foundation series, the plot has taken some inspiration from it. It is a group of fiction as well as science novel which is written by Isaac Asimov.

In this, we see the story of a thousand-year tale of The Foundation. It is basically a group of exiles who come to admit that the only way they can protect the Galactic Empire is to destroy it by themselves.


Foundation Episode 7 Release Date

Foundation Episode 7 is going to be released on October 29, 2021, at 12 AM EDT on Apple TV Plus. The Title of Foundation Episode 7 is “Mysteries and Martyrs“. And the Episode is directed by Jennifer Phang and written by Caitlin Saunders.

Here are the times in different time zones –

  • 12 AM ET in USA and Canada
  • 5 AM BST in UK
  • 8 AM GST in UAE
  • 9:30 AM IST in India
  • 12 PM SGT in Singapore
  • 1 PM JST in Japan
  • 2 PM AEST in Australia

Spoiler Of Foundation Episode 7

Foundation Episode 7 is titled “Mysteries and Martyrs” and ensures to take us intensely into Anacreon’s plan. As they taker their jailbirds to the unknown entity, ’Invictus’ from the Foundation. Since Hugo and Salvor are still together, we can assume that maybe they can plan another attack on their jailors to get away from the prison.

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Around the Galactic Emperor Brother Day, there is a lot of infusing, who seems aware of his dynasty’s lack of fame across the galaxy. The emperor will take some instant actions after seeing his own Trusty guide, Demerzel to accept the words of an Anti-Emperor religious head. Whereas his older duplicate, Brother Dusk will take some hard and violent steps. In the upcoming episode, he will most probably come up with a different set of plans.

Foundation Episode 7

Last but not least, we can assume to get a piece of information about Gaal, who is still on her way to Hari’s house planet on a deserted ship.

Where to Watch

You can watch all the episodes of Foundation including Episode 7 online on Apple TV Plus.

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