Massive ROCKET ATTACK by Hamas Rocket Israel as realization of Palestinian KILLING in JERUSALEM

Clashes between Israelis and Palestinians are very common as it goes back to 1948 with the establishment of the state Israel in 1948 , which erupted into hostilities in Civil-war 1947-1948. The brutal series of massive killing, conflicts has been taking place since 10 May 2021 and continuing till today .


According to CNN reports, On Monday, May 10, Israeli police fired stun grenades in the sensitive place AL-AQSA mosque in Jerusalem, one of Islam’s holiest sites and Palestinian demonstrators threw stones at police. Again as a counter-attack, Palestinian militants have launched rockets into Israel on the account of revenge for the Jerusalem incident.

Initially , taking Jerusalem Day as the occasion during holy month of “ RAMADAN ” the protesters threw stones at the mosque compound where the Israel Jews pray, to control violence Israel police have fired stun Grenades but attacks from both parties lasted for multiple hours as per the statement by The Associated Press.

The news divulges THE PALESTINIAN RED CRESENT CREW were barred and were not allowed by ISRAEL forces to enter AL AQSA, so they have protested and exactly 278 were wounded, also approximately 205 were taken to hospital , some were seriously injured .

HAMAS the militant group based in Palestine on Tuesday, May 11 2021 right before the Jerusalem day ,have fired 200 rockets into Israel , intently attacking on Tower block in GAZA , also the attack involving 110 attack towards ” CITY OF TEL AVIV ” and exactly 100 rockets towards the southern town of BEERSHEVA ” as their main targets, several were injured and death toll of Palestinian people up to 30 in Gaza region.

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Attack by HAMAS Militants

The background of the series attacks could be understood from the above statements, Hamas, armed wing of Islamic Resistance Movement (Palestinian Militant Group) have attacked various parts of the coastal enclave at Israel on Tuesday, May 11 2021.

As per the reports Hamas gave a warning by declaring a targeted spots of largely populated towns , it is 2 time and more serious compared to attacks by Israel waged on Palestinian enclave during the year 2014 for 50 days exactly.

GAZA FAWZI BARHOUM , Hamas spokesperson left the statement to the press with regard to the situation , Hamas is not determined to pull back from the  “equation of escalation “. He also vowed ” If Israel strikes , the armed resistance strikes back ” . He further added ” Palestine armed force will protect Palestine people and will keep defending them “.

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