Windows 10X Release Date, Features, and Everything You Need to Know

Windows, the most popular computer operating system always try to enhance their user experience and upgrade their software time to time for more betterment. But now the case is a slight different where we may see there will be no upcoming windows version in the future.

So, if you interested to know more about this one then go through today’s article. I hope after reading the whole one a lot of information you get regarding this.

About the windows 10x update

In an event of 2019, Microsoft announced that they will be going to release a new Windows version named windows 10x which have dual screen facilities. This is one of the big announcements from Microsoft in a recent days that can change a lot of stuff in the world of the operating system.

Initially they stated that, the update may come in the mid or end of the 2020. But unfortunately there is nothing regarding windows 10x. So, from there a curiosity comes that why the project is stopped. So, the officials says, they are now basically postponed that and now they only focusing on the windows 10 version. They now started to work on the sun valley project which is most probably ship later on this year.

From this the users get so many new features on their windows 10 like, GIF images, insert emojis, different symbols and emojis and etc many more. This project is finally expected to launch on the next year 2021. So, till now there will be no chance of the new windows 10x.

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When may windows 10x may release?

So, to be honest there will be no proper information regarding this matter. Some says that it’s permanently postponed or cancelled. On the other hand some says this may release on 2023 or later. But there are nothing sure or Confirmed.

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