India will Cross China as Most Populous Country by 2027, UN Projects

Till now China is the most populated country in world, following by India the 2nd most. But what will happen when they interchange their position? Yes that seems to be happening soon. India is all set to cross China in the population rate, because of China itself. Here are all the details.

China Recorded Least Birth after so Many Year

China’s birth rate has been slowed down in last 10 years. Recently on May 11, a census data of China: National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of Beijing has shared that approximate 12 million babies were born in 2020. And this is the lowest number of birth rate since 1961. China has broken its own record. Now if China continues this rate in future years, it will likely decrease it population. The NBS head Ning Jizhe said that last year population growth is: “a significant decrease from the 18 million in 2016 and 14.65 million in 2019.”

India to Cross China in Population Rate Sooner than Expected

Thus India will reach the top spot. Technically that’s not good for India. India has the current population of 1.38 billion. The birth rate is increasing every year. But the ongoing apocalyptic phase of the world aka Coronavirus has broken India into pieces. India’s situation is no doubt devastating and the population growth will help it go sunken. Also unemployment is a major factor in the country.

The Changes in China & India

According to NBS, China’s population increased only 72 million in 2010-2020.  The last decade’s average annual growth rate was 0.53%. Meanwhile the growth rate in 2000-2010 was 0.57% with population of 1.41 billion. If this slower rates continues than it won’t be difficult for India to cross China before 2025. The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs counted that India is 1.5% behind China on the population growth.

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India to Cross China in Population Rate Sooner than Expected

However the decreasing population rate of China will help significantly in the country’s economic and social development. According to a Chinese state media: the new census report shows “…population is not just declining but also its demographic structure is deteriorating with a growing aging population, will serve as an important reference for China’s population and economic policy adjustment as well as plans to put off retirement, which may come in the next year or two.”

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