From Henry Cavill to Brandon Routh: All Live-Action Superman Actors Ranked

Superman is everyone’s favorite, why wouldn’t he be? Superman has been deeply embedded in the world of comic books and is an integral part of pop culture. The superhero from the alien planet, Krypton arrived on Earth while he was just born and became the symbol of peace and bravery. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the character for DC Comics back in 1938, and since then the character has appeared in several media.

The popular DC Comics’ character has appeared in several forms of media, including video games, animated TV shows, live-action TV shows, and movies. Over the years, multiple actors have donned the red cape and made an impact among the ardent Superman fans. There have been multiple incarnations of the strongest man on Earth, but everyone hasn’t been able to set the bar high.

We have ranked the top five popular and strong interpretations of Man of Steel appearing in live-action versions through the years. Some great actors — from Henry Cavill to Brendan Routh have portrayed this legendary comic book character.

5. Tyler Hoechlin

Hoechlin started his portrayal of Superman in The CW’s television universe, Arrowverse. He first appeared in 2016’s Supergirl as Calrk Kent and quickly gained popularity. Later, he went to appear as the man of steel on other Arrowverse shows including The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. The network decided to produce a new Superman series set in the Arrowverse. Hoechlin is currently starring in Superman & Lois, which has been receiving praises from critics and fans.

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4. Tom Welling

Welling is probably best known for his portrayal of Man of Steel. Some fans even believe that he is among the most powerful portrayals of Superman. Welling’s Superman appeared in the 2001-2011 superhero drama, Smallville. The 43-year-old actor never properly donned the red suit, however, he was powerful enough to push Apokolips away and fight Doomsday.

3. Brandon Routh

Routh’s superman revived the superman universe for better or worse. There was reportedly around 20-year-hiatus between two Superman films on the big screen. Warner Bros released a new Superman movie, titled Superman Returns in 2006, with Routh portraying the titular character. At first, the fans didn’t quite receive the portrayal but later, his incarnation became somewhat of a cult following. Brandon Routh later appeared in the Arrowverse as the Superman in the crossover event.

2. Henry Cavill

The DC Extended Universe tried to revive the popularity of DC superhero films with the release of Man of Steel in 2013. Cavill took the mantle of Man of Steel in the movie and continued appearing in subsequent DCEU films. This character is amazingly strong and probably popular than the other superman mentioned above. Cavill’s amazing physique and all-American appearance have worked amazingly well in the DCEU.

  1. Christopher Reeves

Some fans may have a hard time acknowledging the fact, but Christopher Reeves’ Superman is the real Superman portrayed in live-action movies. Most DC fans image Reeves as the ultimate Superman when talked about the character. When he portrayed the Kryptonian hero, the film-making technology around that time was less advanced. However, he portrayed the character in the most fascinating way that still happens to be the best film ever made.

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