Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant Getting MARRIED!!! in Secret Wedding

Keanu Reeves is probably getting married and fans know nothing about it. He has been dating American visual artist, Alexandra Grant and will soon be tying the knot with her. The sources mentioned that the two are happy with each other and are positive about their relationship. Reeves and Grant publicly revealed that they are in a strong relationship with each other in November 2019.

Matrix star has never married anyone in his life and he is already 56. Fans believe it is about time for their beloved star to commit into a relationship and become a fully-fledged married man. Ever since the couple went public with their relationship, multiple rumors about their possible marriage created a buzz around the internet. The new reports suggest that the actor are going to marry in a secret retreat.

Grant and Reeves have been seeing each other for decades!

Reeves was first romantically linked to actress Jennifer Syme, with whom he had their first child Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Later, he broke up with her and ultimately lose her, when she died following a car accident. Fans are still concerned about his mental health and suspect that he might be suffering from traumas and depression. However, in 2009, he met Grant at a dinner party and started seeing her.

Back in 2020,  a report surfaced that the dup confirmed to their close friends about their relationship. In a party hosted by Grant’s friend and actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, she revealed the good news. Another report suggested that Reeves purposed Grant at his Hollywood Hills home during New Year’s Eve. He even hired one of his favorite chefs during the party, where they celebrated Grant’s birthday as well.

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Grant reportedly healed Reeves mentally and taught him to love again. National Enquirer reported that the couple is getting married in Berlin, where Reeves is currently shooting for his upcoming film, The Matrix. Reeves is indeed a breathtaking man, and he deserves all the happiness coming into his way.



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