Justin Bieber cancels his remainder of the world tour to take care of his health

Justin Bieber is taking some time off to put his health first. Justin Bieber is a 28-year-old pop icon. She said on September 6 that he is postponing the remaining 70 dates of his world tour. Consequently, he set the tour to continue until 2023.

Statement from Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Cancels Remaining Tour Dates to Make His Health the 'Priority Right Now'

Justin said, “he traveled to Europe to finish the tour after talking to his doctors, family, and crew. He gave six live performances. But it took a toll on him. As a result, he is going to halt touring temporarily.”

The Challenging Year for Justin Bieber

Explained | What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome, the disorder affecting Justin Bieber? - The Hindu

2022 has been challenging for the lonely vocalist. Thus, after developing Ramsay Hunt syndrome, he delayed several American gigs on his Justice tour in June. Moreover, this syndrome caused his face to be primarily paralyzed. 

Although he could not reschedule his summer tour of American performances, Bieber also performed at a few events in Europe in August. Before traveling to Brazil last weekend to participate in Rock in Rio. 

What happened after Brazil Show

Bieber stated that the weariness overpowered him after stepping off the stage (in Brazil). Also, he understood that he needed to put his health first. 

Details about Bieber’s Tour

Bieber’s tour included a stadium and some noteworthy arena performances. Thus it includes South America, South Africa, Japan, and Australia.

In recent years Beiber worries about his battles with melancholy and feelings of overload. In 2019 he put a lot of effort into bouncing back from horrible decisions. 

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Cancellation of World Tour by Celebrities

Bieber isn’t the first well-known musician to openly justify canceling live engagements. Moreover, it is by pointing to their health and the psychological strain.

Shawn Mendes postponed his world tour. Also, it was scheduled to visit North America and Europe in July 2023. In a message to his followers, he declared that he needed to take the time he had never taken personally, to ground himself and come back stronger.

Mega-popular K-pop group BTS postponed their world tour in 2020 and blamed burnout for the decision. Member of BTS Suga said, “These are not sentiments that need to be hidden.” 

BTS also said in December that they would take a vacation for their mental health. Hence it is to celebrate the holidays with their families, get re-inspired and refuel with creative energy. BTS announced in June that they would take a break from the group to allow members to take time off or work on solo projects. The band initially called this break a hiatus but then changed their minds.

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