Who is Katerino? Net Worth 2021, Twitter, Twitch & More

Kate or Katerino is a famous social media personality and gamer. Most popularly known for her gaming skills on Twitch and YouTube. She was recently involved in a dramatic feud with her then-boyfriend Carson “CallMeCarson” King who is a famous Youtuber with a total of 2.98 million subscribers which resulted in Katerino getting a fame boost.

Katerino Net Worth 2021

Katerino is a Youtuber/Gamer and mostly all her income comes from her YouTube channel. Currently standing at 78k subscribers, her net worth is $500k – $600k.

She gained much of her fame by collaborating on YouTube with CallMeCarson.

Katerino Twitch account:

Katerino currently has 150K followers on twitch which is a video game live streaming service much like YouTube.

Who is Katerino? Net Worth 2021, Twitter, Twitch & More

Katerino YouTube account:

Katerino is a 21-year-old gamer who is most popularly known for her streams on YouTube with CallMeCarson. Most of her YouTube is filled with her random chatting videos and videos that she edited from twitch.

Story Behind her relationship drama with Carson and Fitz in 2020:

Although Katerino might seem like the perfect type with her being hot and a gamer, her feud with Cameron and Fitz, both Youtubers, in 2020 shows that she is just a normal girl who loves games.

In March 2020, Youtuber Carson King or better known as CallMeCarson decided to take some time off of his YouTube channel due to some personal reasons which later turned out to be relationship problems with Katerino. This reason got confirmed when one of Carson’s fans announced on Reddit that Katerino had cheated on him with Cameron Fitz McKay who is also a Youtuber.

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Who is Katerino? Net Worth 2021, Twitter, Twitch & More

Katerino confirmed parts of the rumors on April 14, 2020, by posting a video on YouTube saying that she had been dating King and some other guy at the same time, not revealing the ‘other guy’. She received a lot of dislikes on the video along with hateful comments.

On April 15, 2020, both King and McKay publicly apologized on Twitter with king saying that he never should’ve revealed all this personal information in the first place.


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