Winds of Winter Release Date 2021 Updates: Everything We Know So Far:

If you are a Game Of Thrones fan, You guys already know about Winds Of Winter. The next fantasy novel in the Game of Thrones universe. We have to be honest with ourselves, the finale of Game Of Thrones was quite bad. but fans of the series as well as the novel want more of this show. They want to know about what happened before all this and what will happen after the events of game of thrones.

George R.R. Martin has been writing a novel for us for a long time now. It will be the sixth part of his epic fantasy universe, which will reveal many aspects of the original show and novel. the answers to A Song of Ice and Fire will be unveiled in Winds of Winter and George R.R. Martin taking his sweet time to write it.


There is very little information about the plot and storyline of the new novel. We know some things about the novel. One thing is that this installment in the series is very long. Hundreds and hundreds of pages worth of stories. In one of his blogs, he said that the first draft of a novel is thousands of pages long. It will be quite a read.

We also know that the artifact Horn of Winter, which helped the white walkers to take down and pass the great wall will be the cover page of the new novel as it was revealed to us back in 2016. We really have come a long way since then.

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We really can’t pretend when the novel will be finished and published. George R.R. Martin has been writing and delaying so much that we can’t even predict when it will be released.

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