Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Delayed: Here’s Why, New Release Date & More

Solo Leveling is growing more popular with the release of every new chapter. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapter to be available to read. The storyline is getting more intense and interesting in the recent episode. When nobody agreed to heal Jinhoo, our hero Sung Jinwoo looked agitated and punish the bad guys. He had just arrived at Dong-Su’s hideout but already started smashing his men.

Later, the two start fighting each other, and Dong-Su wants to know whether Sung Jinwoo killed his brother or not. But, our hero gave a thrilling response claiming that he can ask his brother about the truth when he meets him in the afterlife. For few moments, it looked as if Dong-Su has the upper hand, but soon it is revealed that he is no match for Sung Jin-woo.

No new chapter this week!

The previous chapter was released on Thursday, April 1 and there wouldn’t be a new chapter this week. This means that fans will have to wait another week to see Sung Jin-woo back in action. The publishers announced on April 6 that the 147th chapter will not release this week due to health complications suffered by the author. Fans are praying for his speedy recovery and send good wishes on the internet.

The publishers mention via tweet that the author tried to work during the complications. Eventually, the break became inevitable and he couldn’t continue forward. They later asked fans to support the artist for his hard work and struggle. Now, at the moment, the publishers are planning to release Solo Leveling Chapter 146 on Thursday, April 15, 2021. 

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In the previous chapter, after Sung Jin-woo overpowers Dong-Su, Thomas appears at the battlefield. Thomas first tells Sung Jin-woo to spare Dong-Su, but Jin-woo challenges Don-Su instead. Dons-Su then asks Thomas to kill Jin-woo for murdering his brother and Thomas reveals that he will be teaching Jin-woo for disrespecting him. The two commences their battle by summoning their armies and show brilliant powers.

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