#NotMyCap Trend on Twitter as Disney introduced a New Hero

Captain America is not just a hero. He held the mantle of one of the bravest heroes of all time. People held him accountable for his action. He is not like other heroes who joined because of many reasons and among those reasons was selfishness. He is not arrogant about his actions.

Disney introduced a New Hero:

He was a good man even before the experiment. He wanted to do good for this world. And that’s what motivates him to become the iconic character we know him today. He was always at the forefront in any events of danger. He was there for his mated even after the world thing he went rogue.


And Chris Evans played the role with sincerity. He knew the depth of the character and the gravitas it holds. We have seen him being the Captain America we needed for 10 years. But as the finale came with the end game, we also accepted his retirement. At least he got to dance with the love of his life and fans were dying to see them both together after the events of the first avenger.

And Endgame made that possible. He retired with dignity and decided to pass the mantle before going into the abyss. He chooses Sam to continue the role of Captain America and take the mantle and his shield to continue to serve humanity. But after the release of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, We saw, in the first act of the episode that he gave the mantle because Sam thinks no one else can be Captain America.

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But at the end of the episode, we see a new Captain America emerged and introduced himself and the fans are not accepting him to be their hero. That’s why fans moved to Twitter and trended a hashtag called #NotMyCap. It became obvious people are sad and angry about this new decision. But we have to look at this in the context of the story. I am sure the creators have something in the mind.

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