Instagram to Introduce ‘Story Draft’ Feature Soon

Instagram, the most used photo sharing social media app is all set to roll in a new feature. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Story Draft Feature– What is it?

You’ll soon get to save a story as a draft. Yes you heard it right! Instagram stories used to get discarded, there was (even now also) no option to keep the unfinished stories saved somewhere. But this issue will get fixed soon with this new feature.

Instagram to introduce 'Story Draft' feature soon

The Story Draft feature will give the users to save an unfinished story without having to discard it. The users, as and when required can complete the unfinished story(s) and upload it.

The social media platform Instagram, announced this new feature by taking to Twitter. It said tha it is working on a new feature to provide more convenience to the users by introducing the story draft feature.

What is the rollout date?

Till date there is no confirmation about when this new update will be released. In the tweet by Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, he mentioned “coming soon”.

Adam has also said that this is one of the most anticipated and requested feature by Instagram users all over the world.


Adam shared a screenshot which shows the tentative look of this new feature. It shows that there will appear a dialogue box with 3 options– ‘Discard, Save Draft, and Cancel’. With this Save Draft, users can keep the copy of their unfinished story.

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Many a times this happens that we accidentally press the back button and lose the story. This new update will get rid of this as now we will get the option to save it. Thanks to Instagram for introducing this feature as it will help us get rid of that situation when we accidentally lose a story.

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