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We all know John Wick. The character became so popular among movie geeks that we have now a 3 part series with a 4rth part on its way. And also Keanu Reeves plays the part amazingly. We have all known Keanu Reeves for a long time. He got famous because of his iconic character of Neo in The Matrix directed by Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski.

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The movie made Keanu Reeves a household name. Although the last two parts of The Matrix received a huge bot of criticism. But for a while, Keanu Reeves was not seen until John Wick by Chad Stahelski.


The movie tells the story of an assassin, who has retired from being an assassin and now focuses on his life with his wife. But because of cancer, he lost his wife, but before his wife died, she gifted him a dog. He loves the dog and takes care of it. One day he was out with his dog in a car and was bullied by the son of a Gangster.

Later, the son killed his dog and stole his car. This is where the story really starts. And the movie is full of gory action sequences which are satisfying to watch. The movie also explored a new kind of martial arts called gun-fu, a mic of guns and kung-fu which somehow teaches a man to headshot anyone in any situation as you have already seen in the movie.

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The later parts also deal with him struggling through the underworld because of a huge price on his head. In all the parts the fight scenes are amazingly choreographed. And we look forward to the 4rtg part of the franchise. There is also a spin-off coming to the series. Nobody is on the way which will furthermore elaborate on the hidden world of Jon Wick.


But still, we have a long way to go because the 4rth part will be released next year in May. But for this year we may focus on Nobody, It is written by Derek Kolstad. He is the one who wrote all three parts of John Wick and that’s why we have high hopes for this movie too.

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