The Good Fight Season 5: Release Date & Spoiler Updates

Did you guys remember Beverly Hofstadter from the famous sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory? If yes, then you guys are well aware of the Emmy nominated actress Christine Baranski. She is a brilliant and talented actress who plays the role of the lawyer in the famous drama series ‘The Good Fight.’ And Fans have been expecting The Good Fight Season 5 ever since season 4 ended.

‘The Good Fight’ is a famous American drama television series which is based on the life of a lawyer called Diane Lockhart. The role of Diane Lockhart, the lawyer is played by the famous American actress Christine Baranski.

She is the protagonist of the show whose life is changed suddenly due to a large financial scam and thanks to that scam she is forced to start fresh and find a new job.

Scam destroys her life and savings along with the reputation of her granddaughter Maia Rindell which is played by beautiful Rose Leslie. This show is just great and it is a spin-off and sequel of the American political drama television series ‘The Good Wife.’

The Good Fight is a drama show that is produced by CBS’s streaming service ‘CBS All Access and its first season which ran for ten episodes premiered in the year 2017. The Good Fight season two aired next year on March 4, 2018, with three extra episodes in this season. The third season of the show premiered in 2019.

The Good Fight season four aired last year on April 9, 2020, and it ran for seven episodes. The series was super hit and it was natural that fans want more and fans are craving for the next season.

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The Good Fight Season 5: Release Date & Spoiler Updates

Crises for the fourth season

Well except it the ongoing pandemic has been hard for all the people around the globe but it was hardest for the entertainment industry. Filming and production of shows and movies were stopped and delayed because the health of the people comes first and it can’t be compromised.

It was the same for The Good Fight as despite the pandemic it aired its season four last year. But it ran only for seven episodes but originally it was planned for ten episodes. Pandemic made the show cut off its last season’s last three episodes.

In this, the EVP of the ‘CBS All Access’ Julie McNamara came forward and said, “While we all had the hoped to provide audiences with a 10-episode fourth episode, we, among many others, have had to adapt due to the pandemic. Although it’s a shortened season, the incredible cast and crew, helmed by the incomparable Robert and Michelle King, have produced a phenomenal seven episodes.”

But before the finale of the season, four CBS renewed the show for the fifth season on May 14, 2020.

Release date of The Good Fight Season 5

Now the main question is that when will it come out. For now, there is no official announcement related to the beginning of the filming of season 5. We all are aware of the labor required to make a new season of any television show.

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The Good Fight Season 5: Release Date & Spoiler Updates

The cast of the show described the problems that they faced in completing the filming of the show through a video message. In the video message, the lead star of the show Christine said, ”Hello, from The Good Family. We hope you’re well and staying safe during this difficult time.”

Nyambi aka Jay DiPersia added, “Working from home has delayed aspects of post-production and we need one week to catch-up.”

So completing the filming of the last season caused a lot of trouble for the stars so we can expect that the filming of the new season will start once all things are back to normal.

For now, there is no official release date for The Good Fight Season 5 but if we have to guess the one then we can expect season 5 by the beginning of the next year or maybe later in 2022.

Spoilers for the Good Fight Season 5

This CBS drama show is so good because it can beautifully showcase the ongoing problems in the world and right now what is going on. Yes, what you think is right. Pandemic is the world’s largest issue right now and if we believe Baranski then it can be the fifth season’s storyline.

In an interview with Variety she explained, “I think the value of our show is it’s a thinking person’s show, and it pulls you back and makes you say, ‘Wow, these are characters that are living through what we are living through.’ God knows they couldn’t write about this, because it’s only just surfaced in the last four or five weeks with a vengeance-although we began reading about it in December and January. But it will be very interesting next season if we have the next season.”

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The Good Fight Season 5: Release Date & Spoiler Updates

The 68 years old actress then added, “It’s going to be very hard to ignore this, and it’s going to be interesting to see how writers and moviemakers, and artists address this period of time in the way we address 9/11. It’s going to cut through a hole in our consciousness: Our lives will be before and after.”

As we mentioned before that last season wasn’t able to run for ten episodes so in the next season we can expect the continuation of that. In season four we saw that Diane discovered many secrets related to M618 so in the next season we can expect to see Diane investigating more about M618 and discovering more secrets and information of M618.

Expected Cast for the season 5

Well, the cast always depends on the plot of the season as right now there isn’t any information of it so we can expect that the show will recruit some new faces according to the plot but there are some stars who are expected to return.

The stars that are expected to come back for The Good Fight season 5 are Christine Baranski aka Diane, Rose Leslie aka Maia, Cush Jumbo aka Lucca, Erica Tazel aka Barbara, Delroy Lindo aka Adrian, Sarah Steele aka Marissa, Justin Bartha aka Colin, Michael Boatman aka Julius, Michael Sheen aka Roland, Zach Grenier aka David.

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