Patrick Dempsey Net Worth 2021 & How Much He’s Paid for Grey’s Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey is an American actor who is most popular for his role in Grey’s Anatomy as Derek. For his contribution to the show, Patrick has received almost $400,000 for each episode. In total, Patrick appears in 243 episodes of Grey’s anatomy.

Until his character was shockingly killed in season 11, Patrick carried the role of Derek for so long! While he was starring in the ABC drama, he appears in films like “enchanted” and “freedom writers”. Also in 2011, we see him in “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”.

Patrick Dempsey Net Worth 2021 & How Much He's Paid for Grey's Anatomy

How much did he make in Grey’s Anatomy?

As Patrick’s most prominent role, this deserves a special appreciation of its own. Since Patrick has been on the show for almost 11 seasons, his earnings are out of this world. For each episode, Patrick got $400,000. This means that for each season, $8 million were his earnings! Currently, his net worth is at $80 million.

While also being an essential figure of the medical drama, Patrick allotted his time for other projects as well. You can see him today in countless movies in which he stars in. Other notable works include Devils, Sweet home Alabama, Will and Grace and so much more!

Patrick Dempsey’s passions do not simply lie in acting and producing. He is even a lover of auto racing and owns an impressive collection of vintage and also sports cars. As of now, Patrick owns Dempsey Racing and even participated in a few pro-am events.

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Patrick Dempsey Net Worth 2021 & How Much He's Paid for Grey's Anatomy

Net worth and real estate

Currently, Patrick is worth $80 million dollars. In the year 2006, Patrick bought a home in Bel Air worth $3.1 million. By 2009, the house sold for $2.571.

After this, Patrick and Jillian purchased a house for $7 million in Malibu’s Zuma beach and it was sold for $15 million to billionaire Sid Bas. Later, in 2014, Patrick bought another home for $1.925 million in the Venice Beach area.

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