Bling Empire Star Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray are Back Together

Netflix recently premiered the first season of real-life Crazy Rich Asians by the name Bling Empire. The reality web television series follows the lives of rich Asians and Asian-Americans based on Los Angeles. Bling Empire also featured the life of an entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li, who was dating model Andrew Gary during the show. Their relationship was filled with drama, fights, ups and downs.

The show has already wrapped up since Netflix released all eight episodes on the same day. Fans were wondering if Kelly and Andrew are still together after the events of the show. Mi Li, during a conversation with US Magazine, revealed that she is back with her lover Gary and she is a happy woman now. The China-born producer went on to say that a lot of stuff happened since the Bling Empire.

Kelly told US Magazine that they really went their separate ways and began living separately. They reportedly stayed away from each other for about five to six months. During that time, Kelly had gone to individual therapy and learned a lot about herself and her self-growth. She mentioned that she experienced self-growth and understood about herself and the person she is.

They are back again.

The 35-year-old entrepreneur reconciled with her ex-lover in June and started spending quality time with each other. She is happier than ever — than those six years — she has been with him. However, the duo is still living separately but they are doing great in the relationship part. She also added that their relationship is still work in progress but they are finding ways to rewire their brain.

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Power Ranger actor Andrew Gary appeared in four episodes of the reality web television show. The relationship depicted between Gary and Mi Li was filmed in late 2018. When the duo travels Paris for Kelly’s birthday, they realise that they need to re-evaluate their relationship. The duo breaks up after having a couples therapy and Kelly seemingly moves out. However, in the finale episode, they embrace each other.

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