‘Dr. Stone Chapter 180 Release Date And All Latest Update’ Read All About it Here!

Written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustratively penned by Boichi, a South Korean artist, Dr. Stone was a weekly published series in Weekly Shonen Jump. This was up until March 2017. Shueisha collectively updated and published the single chapters in Tankobon Volumes which ran in eighteen volumes.

'Dr. Stone Chapter 180 Release Date And All Latest Update' Read All About it Here!

What is Dr. Stone about?

After a mysterious force turns a whole civilization  into stone, Dr. Stone is a story which revolves around the same. The lead actor in this is a guy names Senku who has some special chemical that has been dripping on him for year. Senku is a smart and intelligent character, who along with his friend goes about to rebuild the whole civilization.

This is also done by using Senku’s brains and since he loves science so much, the character is shown as applying the same love to the central theme of the plot.

Although the quality of animation is average, the whole plot design is pretty good. A student can very well study from this show. He or she, if they have a love for science and Shounen, they should definitely watch this show. Adding to all this, this show is also very informative and there is a pretty good factor of thrill and imagination.

When is chapter 180 of Dr. Stone releasing?

Dr. Stone is said to be releasing in January 2021, with all it’s new characters and plot. The fans are eagerly waiting for the visual aids to the comic to be released. However, the manga version of the same is available on any official anime or manga website.

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A recap of chapter 179.

'Dr. Stone Chapter 180 Release Date And All Latest Update' Read All About it Here!

The last chapter, the craft ropeway was the only way left to cross the mountains in order for them to cross the mountains to Senku and his crew. Stanley and his crew o the other hand are in absolute pursuit of them same and it is their last opportunity to do so.

Lastly, Before the plane carrying Stan and his crew arrives, Taiju hoots his horn about how they will execute the plan.

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