Yoozoo CEO and Netflix Producer Lin Qi dies at 39 Poisoned by Co-Workers


After getting Poisoned, Lin Qi has died. He was the producer of  Netflix’s The Three-Body Problem.

The Producer who was Chinese and also the CEO of Yoozoo Group is harmed by his co-worker and is dead. A guy named Xu as his surname was the major suspect as Chinese media puts it. The suspect remains in police custody.

Mr. Lin was hurried to a healing center after the suspected killer, and recently his condition was depicted as steady.


Yoozoo CEO and Netflix producer Lin Qi dies at 39 Poisoned by CO-workers(ok)

Agreeing to neighborhood media, an official part driven to the ambush on Mr. Lin, which was purportedly carried out with harm in a container of pu-erh tea.

His passing has presently been detailed among numerous nearby news outlets, counting China News.

Yoozoo group sold the adjustment rights of the best-selling sci-fi books to Netflix.

Liu Cixin’s Three-Body Problem adventure – which comprises of the three books Recognition of Earth’s Past, The Dark Forest, and Death’s End – tells the story of Earth’s to begin with contact with an outsider civilization.

Yoozoo CEO and Netflix producer Lin Qi dies at 39 Poisoned by CO-workers(ok)


Praised for its inventiveness, Three-Body Problem got to be a worldwide blockbuster and has been deciphered into handfuls of languages.

The set of three moreover made history as the primary Asian novel to win a Hugo Award for Best Novel.

Yoozoo Group and its backup Three-Body Universe had already procured the rights to the books’ adjustments in 2015 – but the big-budget English-language adaptation was afterward procured by Netflix.

It was declared in September that Netflix had called on Game of Thrones makers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to require on the work.

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