‘Solo Levelling Chapter 133 Release Date’ Here is all you can know about it!

The plot of Solo Levelling revolves around a boy named Jin Woo who is the weakest hunter in his guild of hunters, but however, continuously risks his life for his mother and sister. The story is about a portal which opens its gates to a world of monsters. The hunters forms guilds and have powers to fight these monsters. The whole story takes place in a place called Manhwa and is timed back to ten years ago.

In the show, something changes Jin Woo’s life forever. However, for the good. This no only makes him the strongest hunter but also ends up helping him to gain acknowledgment from his comrades. Furthermore, Jin woo goes on to enter the portal to new adventures and gather his strength to fight monsters to save himself and his family of sister and mother.

When is chapter 133 of Solo Levelling releasing?

The chapter 133 of this series is said to be releasing on 31st December 2020. Due to the holiday season and the lack of information regarding the release date provided to us, the release date is still an assumption. There are still possibilities that this date might also be delayed. However, one thing is for sure and that is that chapter 133 will be the last chapter of Solo Levelling for 2020.

Will there also be an Anime adaptation for this Manga?

We all know that every Anime which ends up having a huge fan base ends up as an anime adaptation. However, Solo Levelling does not have an Anime Adaptation yet. There are speculations that Netflix is planning on making the Anime adaptation for this famous manga. But none of the releases are expected to happen before 2021.

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Where is this Manga available?

You can find Solo Levelling Manga on various Reddit Threads. Other sites which provide you this service are- Mangamo, Viz Manga, Book Walker and Renta. Check them out today!


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