EU Begins Legal Recourse Over Brexit Plan

The EU Seeks Legal Remedies Against UK Over Brexit

The European Union commission on Thursday announced that it was pressing legal action against the UK. This comes due to the Brexit legislation. This controversial legislation would permit them to break international law.

EU’s Commission Suggests

The commission had given the UK an ultimatum last month. It threatened taking the UK to court unless it dropped its legislations. The legislation would be against the deal agreed to by Boris. The deadline given by the commission has expired. Hence as a reaction, the commission has sent the UK a letter regarding the breach of obligations. The agreement comes under the Withdrawl Agreement.

EU’s take on the Issue

According to various sources, the UK has been given a period of 30 days to respond to the letter. If it fails to respond in the timeframe consequences may follow. Despite this the issue can still be solved. I certain outstanding issues can be resolved then a compromise may be possible. The EU is open to debate and discussion regarding the problems. The UK had quit the bloc on January 30th. However, it still remains under certain trade obligations until the end of the year. Maros Sefcovic mentioned that Brussels will not shy away from using legal remedies. If Britain refused to scrap the controversial legislation.

UK’s Stance 

The British government has said that it will respond to the letter issued by the EU. It mentioned that it has made the moves due to their own reasons. They are doing so in abid to secure and provide a safety net to UK’s internal market.

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The European Union seems to be having a bleak future due to a lot of controversies. the EU started facing problems with he Uk since Margaret Thatcher. The EU is a cross-national body that unites the countries of Europe to each other. It seeks local cooperation and has ensured easier access to each other’s countries. It has also ensured relatively easier access to the boundaries of countries. The EU has been present as a formation for a relatively long time. Most European countries want the EU to continue working the way it is.

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