Best Deals By Argos for Black Friday 2020

According to various internet sources, the name was first used to describe an 1869 financial crisis. In this case, corruption and stock fraud caused the U.S. gold market to collapse entirely. This was widely credited to the faulty investments of two very infamous Wall Street financiers, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk. The stock market plummets 20 percent in one day. Nearly a century later, the name had anything to do with the day after Thanksgiving. In the 1960s, police in Philadelphia started using this term. They used it to describe the hectic, overcrowded day that came as families. They rushed into the city for the ahead weekend’s annual Army-Navy football game.

Black Friday Today

Today it is celebrated all over the US as a day for massive discounts. Customers and owners alike prepare for the day weeks in advance by stocking up materials for the upcoming Black Friday. The craze for the event has only increased. Many times it also leads to violence and disorderly conduct across America.

Argos and Black Friday

The previous year, Argos boasted 423 deals on gaming alone. One can assume the same this year. There are also hopes for a bigger show this year. They had revealed that they had a total of 44.5 million page views. These came along with 5.1 million unique customers . Thus was for a four day event. The event was spanning from Black Friday itself all the way to Cyber Monday.

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Stores versus Online

Due to the ongoing pandemic, rules and regulations maybe be affected. This will see a rise in various online platforms. More and more people will be using various internet stores for purchasing commodities. Unlike previous years this can be done from the comfort of their homes. They need not go into malls and outlets a risk getting COVID-19.

Unlike what many people believe Argos will be offering many discounts on commodities other than gaming. It is offering serious discounts on many products. These will include everything from home appliances to electronic devices and something as simple as toys. Argos will try and make a huge profit of Black Friday this year. It will hope to maximize its gains this year.

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