Pak Seeks to Make POK Territory a Province

The Imran Khan government Ready to Make Gilgit-Baltistan a Province


On Thursday a Pakistani media outlet reported that the Pakistani government is trying to change Gilgit-Baltistan into a province. This move will alleviate the status of the area. This move by the Pakistani government comes in wake of tensions in the neighborhood. These include the following. Firstly India and China having a military standoff in Ladakh. Secondly, this move comes after Ajit Doval, the national security advisor of India walked out of a meeting recently. The reason behind this was a morphed map shown in a video conference by Pakistan.


Details of the Move

Ali Amun Gandapur has said that PM Imran Khan will soon visit the region. On doing so he will make the formal announcement. The minster was also quoted saying that after conversion with all the stakeholders it has been decided to give constitutional rights to the region. This would also attract international criticism and create friction. Especially with neighboring countries. The Indian side has conveyed that these territories are an integral part of India. India believes that certain territories are under illegal occupation.


Pakistans Relations and Their Importance

The Gilgit-Baltistan province is along with a few other portions in India are often in dispute between the two countries. They have fought 4 wars over these territories. The first war was in 1947-48. The second war was in 1965. The third war was fought in 1972 over then East Pakistan. The fourth and most recent war fought in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the ‘Kargil war’. This war saw close combat. The motives were certain strategic points and hills.

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International Objections


India has strongly rejected such actions. It condemns these unilateral actions by Pakistan. It has stated that the Pakistani legislators or its Judiciary have no jurisdiction. According to the Indian government, the region does not belong to Pakistan. They have repeatedly stated that it is an illegally occupied territory. India continues to have reservations against this.


This move by Pakistan will help it in strengthening its ties with China. It will ensure that China Pakistan economic corridor grows. This is an economic corridor that connects Balochistan with Chinas Xinjiang. The CPEC is part of China’s much ambitious project, BRI. Firstly the BRI is, Belt Road Initiative. It is a massive Chinese project.

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