Tragic incident in North Florida as 13 year old Dies: Brain-eating amoeba

A tragic incident occurred in North Florida. The life-threatening amoeba is known as Naegleria Flowers. Experts from the field of medical science suggest that the boy may have contracted the Amoeba when he went out swimming in a lake in North Florida. This Amoeba is found in hot river bodies. These include hot lakes, rivers, ponds, or any such body. The boy was swimming at a campground in North Florida near Tallahassee just a few days before his death.

The incident was truly heartbreaking for the parents. their son complained of severe headaches and nausea. These were followed by more symptoms such as hallucinations. Initially, the doctors diagnosed him off strep throat. However, as his condition only seemed to worsen the parents grew more and more worried. Finally, they decided to take him to Gainesville. Herein he was put on ventilator life support. He stayed on life support for a while. However soon the doctors informed the parents that their son was not suffering from strep throat. But actually he was suffering from a Brain-eating Amoeba. Such instances are extremely rare. The doctors informed the parents that there was no cure for the situation. This broke the hearts of the parents. He was put off life support to prevent him from suffering a painful death. His parents decided to pull the plug and let him across to a better place. The parents were heartbroken in doing so. Soon after this, the young boy could not take it anymore. He lost all cognitive signals. Following which he succumbed to the disease.

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What Scientists Say


Until now modern-day science has no way to prevent or fight this life-threatening bacteria. It’s very rare for people to get this and only 62 people have suffered from this in the US since 1962. Unfortunately, the young boy is now one of them.“Unfortunately, there are always such rare reports of this very serious infection caused by a free-living amoeba being acquired from swimming in outdoor freshwater bodies of water,” infectious disease specialist Dr. Aaron Glatt, the chief of infectious diseases at Mount Sinai South Nassau, in New York.

The family was heartbroken and hoped that the health officials would create more awareness about such bacterias. The family mentioned that the teen was an extremely active and happy person. In addition, he was very fit and remained in good health throughout his time.

We will not be putting up any photos of the young child out of respect for him.

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