President Obamas New Book: have a look what’s inside

‘A Promised Land’ former US President’s book to come out this November 

Obama tweeted “there’s no feeling like finishing a book and I’m proud of its one.” Accoridng to the publisher of the book it will be published around November 17. The book will be released in 25 different languages.

About the Book

The book by President Obama will talk about various subjects. He will touch up on any topics that will include his reign as President and such. He talks about how America faces certain problems and divisions. And how hopes that the people will unite and fight together against such divisions. He will also tall;k about the global financial crisis he faced and President Putin. Putin was Obama’s Russian counterpart. The book will also talk about how America managed to take the decision to raid and kill Osama bin Laden. This was a major incident and done in Pakistan. Along with this, he is also attempting to give a brief overview of his personal life and relations. this will be a great insight for many of us. It will give us a brief idea about life in the white house.


He hopes the book will inspire the American youth towards positive things. He hopes it will help them and allow them to become better people. To add to the development of their country and such.

Obama was the first black American President in American history. He served two consecutive terms in the white house. Trump is next in line. Trump is set to fight another round of elections in the upcoming few months. He runs for the Republican party. He is up against Joe Biden. Leaders and people will all follow the elections. It will seriously affect various discussions and debates. If Trump wins it will be his second tenure.

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