Snapdragon 875: The Flagship Chipset Will Have 30% Improved Speed and Performance, Release Date, Specs, Price, and Leaks

Qualcomm is gearing up to launch the next-generation chipset of their famed flagship Snapdragon 800 series. The company usually launches any new product in December, we are hoping that thy release Snapdragon 875 is similar release window. Taiwan’s TSMC has been manufacturing the flagship chipsets for Qualcomm.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has already commenced the mass-production of the new Snapdragon 875, as the company is pushing forward to release at the end of the year. The reports claim that Qualcomm has been investing around 6,000 to 10,000 5nm wafers every month in the manufacturing company. Since the Snapdragon 875 uses 5nm wafers, the upcoming chipset will reportedly be smaller than the current Snapdragon 865.

Elsewhere, a new report has surfaced claiming that Samsung Electronics is manufacturing the new Snapdragon 875. Business Korea and Hankyung reported the leak and also claimed that the production is already underway. Furthermore, Business Korea also mentioned the list of a brand using the new Snapdragon 875 in the year 2021. Samsung Galaxy S30 series, high-end Xiaomi and Oppo smartphones will use the Snapdragon 875 series next year.

Snapdragon 875 Features

Multiple rumours over the past few months have suggested what to expect in the upcoming Snapdragon 875. The chipset will feature two super-strong cores — the Cortex-X1 Super Core and custom Cortex-A78 cores. These strong cores are responsible for the improvement of the overall performance of the upcoming chipset. The recent leaks suggest that these cores will bring 30 per cent speed improvement, as compared to the previous chipset.

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However, the negative point is the chipset’s price. The reliable reports claimed that there would be a 50% hike in Snapdragon 875 price in comparison to the Snapdragon 865. The Snapdragon 875 SoC will only cost whooping $130, meaning the whole package might cross the $250 price tag. The Vice President of Realme, Xu Qi Chase recently hinted that the Realme phones will be the first smartphones in 2021 to have the Snapdragon 875. He reportedly teased a brand new smartphone series from Realme on Weibo.

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