Google Meet Series One: Brand new AI hardware for hassle-free work calls and meetings

Along with Lenovo, the tech giant Google has unveiled Meet hardware lineup. It is the latest video-conferencing hardware suite for video chats, calls, and meeting rooms.

The Google Meet Series One package includes a soundbar with eight mics, a camera, and a touchscreen remote.Now, you can simply join your meetings and calls just with your voice with the Google Assistant, touch-free.

In this innovation, Google used its own Coral M.2 accelerator modules together with the company’s Edge TPUs.

The incredible audio system

Also, the audio system to is remarkable.

The AI-powered hardware comes with voice amplification technology. And the multi-channel noise cancellation aspect instilled into the Google AI chips, ensure that the disruptions are minimized. The studio-grade audio combined with enhanced noise cancelling shall prove to be a benefit to you.

TJ Varghese, product manager at Google stated, “All Series One room kits take advantage of the same tech used in Google’s data centres, built right into the Meet Compute System and Smart Audio Bar.”

The Smart Camera XL with optical zoom

Every Google Meet Series One kit contains an extra-large 4K camera to capture each and every detail. Furthermore, the Smart Camera XL features a 20.3 MP sensor and a 4.3X optical zoom. These features enable it to be used as a digital PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom). This means that the system will automatically zoom in and frame everyone in the room. A regular smart camera does not have an optical zoom facet inculcated in it. This camera system was made in collaboration with Huddly.

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The Compute System on the new-found Series One is custom-built for Meet on Chrome OS. This makes it easy to install and easy to update.

According to the size of the room, you may opt for larger kits.

The Price Tag

The smallest kit which only consists of the Smart Camera excluding the meeting controller and the microphone pod will cost $2,699.

The total package consists of one standard camera, microphone pod, controller and the soundbar. This pack will cost you $2,999. If you need hardware for larger rooms which need extra equipment, there is a $3,999 pack available. For this you will get  an extra soundbar, two additional microphone pods and the Smart Camera XL.

The hardware is always operating on the latest firmware, new improvements and security fixes.

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