Microsoft Azure: Why Azure, Tools and Services, Design, Cost, Free Account Trial and Most Frequently Asked Questions.

 Microsoft Azure: Why?

Microsoft Azure was initially announced in October 2008 with the code name “Project Red Dog”. Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure, was initially launched on 1st February 2010, and later renamed to Microsoft Azure on 25th March 2014. Azure is Microsoft’s on-premises business based, hybrid, multi-cloud, or at the edge alternative to physical hardware and services.

Microsoft Azure: Why Azure, Tools and Services, Design, Cost, Free Account Trial and Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Microsoft Azure gives the user the freedom of managing, building, and deploying applications on a massive worldwide level using numerous tools and frameworks. Microsoft Azure provides a range of cloud services like analytics, storage, compute and networking. Users are free to pick from these services or run existing applications in the cloud programme.

Microsoft Azure aims to help businesses reach their goal and organise their challenges in a more efficient way.

Why Azure

If so many points about design, security and tools are not enough for you, here are a few other reasons why you should invest in it, or at least give the free trial a chance.

Ÿ  Limitless Scale

Azure provides data from across all warehouses, data analytics system at blazing fast speed. Azure Synapse allows data professionals to use the familiar SQL language to query relational and non-relational data. For mission-critical uploads, they can optimize the performance of all queries with workload isolation, intelligent workload management and limitless concurrency.

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Ÿ  Powerful Insights

Azure Synapse makes BI and Azure Machine Learning a breeze. It is encrypted with Power BI and Machine Learning to greatly expand the machine learning models to your intelligent apps. It also seamlessly applies intelligence to your most important work _ Dynamics 365, Saas Services and Office 365.

Ÿ  Unified Experience

Azure Synapse studio provides a unified workspace for data prep, managing, warehousing, AI tasks and big data. It allows data engineers to access code free and visual environment.

Ÿ  Instant Clarity

A single click allows removal of barriers from Azure database and Azure Synapse and helps get insights from live operational data stores in near real-time. No additional databases or compute resources are required.

Ÿ  Unmatched Security

Azure has the most advanced security and privacy features in the market, for which the features are built into the fabric of Azure Synapse, for example, automated threat detection and always-on data encryption. Fine-grained control access business can assure data is safe using column level security, and native row-level security, as well as dynamic data to protect sensitive data in real-time.

Tools and Services

Microsoft Azure offers tools to support a variety of businesses, including e-commerce, finance, IT, and Fortune 500 companies. Microsoft Azure is also compatible with open source technologies. Microsoft Azure provides multiple third-party software, as well as Microsoft specific. It supports tools, framework, a mixture of programming languages, along with software like Paas (Platform as a service), Saas (Software as a Service) and Iaas (Infrastructure as a service).

Microsoft Azure offers over 600 Azure services, a few of them being:

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Ÿ  Identity

Synchronises on-premises enable single sign-on and directories.

Safely protects sensitive information from hackers and other viruses.

Allows access management and consumer identity in the cloud

Ÿ  Mobile Services

Provides push notifications to mobile devices.

Collects real-time analysis and records user behaviour.

Microsoft Azure has its app which can be used to develop, beta test, and distribute apps- HockeyApp.

Ÿ  Media Services

A Paas (Platform as a service) can be used for various jobs like analytics, content protection, streaming or even encoding.


Microsoft Azure uses its operating system to run its what’s known as “fabric layer”. Azure is marketed as “cloud layer” on top of Windows Server System, which uses Windows server of 2008 and customised version of Hyper V, also known as Microsoft Azure Hypervisor to provide virtualization of services.

Microsoft Azure Fabric Controller controls the service and reliability which is why the service and environment do not fail if one or more servers fail. It also provides management of users web application, such as load balancing and memory allocation.

Azure allows the developer to interact with the services provided by Microsoft Azure with the help of HTTP, XML, and REST. It integrates Microsoft Visual Studio, Git and Eclipse.

Free Account Trial

Microsoft Azure provides 12 months of free popular services, Rs. 13,300 worth of credit to explore azure free for 30 days, and 25+ services which will always be free. With your free account, you can test and deploy enterprise apps with the help of Azure Virtual Machines, managed disks and SQL databases while providing high-quality availability and network availability with Azure Load balancer. Users can loose create custom mobile experiences, based on customers interests and behaviour using the Azure App Service and Azure Cosmos DB, Xamarin, HockeyApp and Azure Traffic Manager. User can also gain insights from data, and make better decisions, and create finer experiences using Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks and Azure HDInsight. Some of the products which are free of 12 months are Linux Virtual Machines, WindowsVirtual Machines, Managed Disks, Blob Storage and much more.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Got a few questions? No need to look any further, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions.

Ÿ  Is Azure Secure?

Microsoft has always been committed to the highest level of trust, comfort, transparency, standards, conformance and regularity compliance, and Azure is no different. It is embedded with high-quality protective measures in its fabric to protect your data.

Ÿ  How can Azure help if I outsource my IT?

Microsoft Azure offers solutions partners which can help deploy and manage your existing solutions as well as your custom made solutions.

Ÿ  What other customers are using Azure?

90% of Fortune 500 companies trust Microsoft with their business and are so far doing amazing.

Ÿ  Is it only for Windows apps and services?

No. It supports open source technologies, so you can use the tools and technologies you prefer.

Ÿ  Can I try Azure services?

Yes! The information about the free trial service given above in the article.

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