Digimon Adventure Episode 29: New Trouble is Waiting for the Gang, Release Date and More. Scroll Down to Know More

Digimon Adventure revolves around a group of boys and girls being whisked to a parallel reality called the Digital World or the “DigiWorld”. They were taken there because they were chosen to become DigiDestined who are the children who would save the world. Each of them received a Digivice. The Digivice was programmed to bond with them. With them the kids become stronger to battle their enemies.

Release Date Of Episode 29

Digimon Adventure Episode 29 is set to release on Sunday, December 20, 2020. This anime releases a new episode every Sunday.

Digimon Adventure Episode 29: New Trouble is Waiting for the Gang, Release Date and More

Recap From Digimon Adventure Episode 28

Taichi and his friends are on their adventure to a new world during the rocket launch explosion in the real world. At that time, a black lightning sparked. It gave Digimon strong and violent powers. They fight their way to the world.

Suddenly Darkknightmon appears in front of them. Patamon can’t see his friends getting killed and entering evolution. So, he gets angry. Takeru and Angemon started firing the powerful blast to destroy Darkknightmon.

Darkknightmon wanted to harm Taichi’s sister and Angemon stops him. He tells Angemon to get out of his way. Darkknightmon summons evil powers to boost his strength and powers. Angemon unleashes Heaven’s Knuckle that made him disappear with Darkknightmon and sends others to another world.

During this all of them get separated and are in different environments. They communicate through their communication watches. They decide to meet at the pond and meanwhile they try to get updates of the real world.

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At the pond, Joe and his Digimon decided that they have to escape. Taichi and Metalgreymon defeat the Digimon on their side. Skullnightmon shows up and he protects Hikari. Taichi thought Skullnightmon is kidnapping Hikari. So she follows Skullnigtmon. She is shocked to see what happens as earlier she fought Skullnightmon.

This is all we saw in Episode 28.

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